Friday, November 14, 2008

A quick first post

Today is November 14th 2008 and I'm 8 months pregnant (picture of my belly today included here). It would be long winded and tedious to write a whole summary of my pregnancy to date, so I won't. Instead I'll just give a couple of really quick highlights of my journey with Radar over the last couple of months. I'll also use another post to explain the name Radar (nothing to do with the nerd from M*A*S*H.)

Ok, highlights... in August, Radar, Fantango and I travelled to Grand Bahama Island to take part in a 2 mile ocean swim race (Radar and I swam while Fanny followed along the beach). Despite being 5 months pregnant and already sporting a belly and rear that many a pregnant woman will never reach in 9 months, we won our age group (that being 40-49 women... see I'm 40 and Radar is 0 so that adds up to 40... and since Radar has been forced to stay quiet so far, he wasn't able to voice his opinion on the "women's" category business).

In September, Radar and I flew to Washington, DC to participate in the 10th annual Pazos Twin Centuries bike ride family reunion. Hefting about an even broader girth, Radar and I mostly did sag wagon duty. On day two we did manage to pedal about 15 miles in Gettysburg, PA. Perfect weather, gorgeous & historic scenery, a slow pace and patient company made for a wonderful outing.

In late October, Radar and I went to Florida to vote early for Barack Obama. As an unexpected treat, Jason Bourne rubbed Radar's baby belly and I looked on with a very stupid smile covering the full geography of my face. You can see Grandma Chris smiling in the background (Grandma Chris has not picked out a moniker yet, so we'll call her Grandma until she does.)

On November 1st, some of my friends and colleagues threw us a baby shower. There were guys and there was booze mingled in with all the baby blue... I've never been a big fan of showers, but this was fun (even though Radar and I stayed perfectly sober, Fantango had a couple sips of beer.)

On November 4th, Radar and I sat in front of the TV all night with friends and colleagues. At just after 11pm we popped two corks (one from the champagne and one from the sparkling apple cider) to celebrate the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America! (again, Fanny had some real champagne, while poor Radar and I drank the fake stuff... and sorry - I didn't take any pictures).

Above was just last weekend when Radar and I went on our last trip before his arrival. We took the fast ferry over to Spanish Wells and Harbour Island where we snorkeled, kayaked, swam and ate too much.

So that's it for now. Although I'm too big to fit through some doors, I'm feeling great. No back pain, sleeping ok, feeling Radar do ballet kick-boxing every day. If Radar and I have any more adventures, we'll keep you posted and of course, there's that "name" post I promised.

Hugs and pugs,
Titi and Radar


ssh41008 said...

Christena -

You look great! Can't wait for my little friend to arrive, pretty soon! What a great Xmas present for all of us!

Big Hug

Lali said...

I love it! You and Radar look fantastic and seem to be having a lot of adventures. It makes me so happy! I love you both, Fantango and Mulligan so much! I can't wait to see my super sister and my neatest nephew!
Hugs and Pugs,

Charise said...

Nice Blog... pretty cool pug too. December is right around the Radar will soon be here. Hope to meet you and the little guy on my next trip to the Bahamas.

Anonymous said...

I can only give the photos a 9 out of 10. Mainly because I'm egocentric and I'm not in all the pictures. I've had enough ... I'm coming down there to be supportive and be in more pictures.

Blah Blah Blah - Ditto to what everyone else said.

Kim said...

My word, my dear sweet Fanny is getting a little brother. Lots of love to all three of you!


Anonymous said...

Very cool, it won't be long now. I am very excited for you.


Andrea said...

I love you and love you and love Radar too, but don't get excited, I love Fanny too! You are too stinking cute! I love the blog, and seeing your big Obama belly! I can't wait to meet you Radar!!

Abuela said...

I have great hopes for Radar. It appears that noone in the family inherited the terrible hand deformities of the ever so great Tio Rafael. He (Radar) might take up wearing silly hats though.
Love, Abuela

Silvia said...

Hola queridisima Christena,

me encanto verte tan feliz y poder compartir unos dias en Bahamas junto con mi compaƱero de cuarto Muligan y la dulce Fantango.

Besos y Abrazos, Silvia