Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2:25pm... slow going and blogging from the delivery suite

Well, any expectations I had of a quick and dirty labor are out the window! I've been here for over 8 hours and Radar seems to be in no hurry to meet the fine folks here at Doctor's Hospital. On the upside, there is wireless here and I can take over blogging for a while until things get a bit further along. I've had a few visitors already and Gail, in a fit of jealousy, stole my morning outfit!

Either I or the Science Pundit will post more a bit later.
Titi and Radar


Tia Sara said...

How exiting Titi! I love delivery rooms, I was there for 3 of my 4 grandkids you know. Are we going to get a blow by blow? Anyway I'm glad you're back (no offense, Science Pundit). Hurry up Radar, don't keep Mommy waiting too long....Love Tia Sara

The Science Pundit said...

No offense taken Tia Sara. I won't even try to start a flame war with you like that other Tia did with me. ;-) (For those not following the old posts, I've replied to Tia Mary's reply to my comment on the "Saturday Beach Outings..." post.)

Hang in there Titi!

Abuelo Tribi said...

Go Titi. Go Rafael Darwin. Go Darwin. Love, Abuelo Tribi.

abuelo Tribi said...

Go Radar.

Anonymous said...

The kids are at work with me and they're enjoying your blog. Happy to know that I'm able to see whats going on while at work. You look great. Safe Delivery. I cant wait. You would think I'm having another baby.:)

Chevette and Kids