Saturday, December 20, 2008

40 years and still too dumb to listen...

Ok, so if Radar is anything like his mom, he is going to be a serious "I know MOM!" eye roller when it comes to me telling him anything. See, I'm 40 and still think I know better. I actually thought that I'd be tougher than labor pains... that I wouldn't cave in and beg for drugs... Wrong! In fact, pretty much everything every experienced mother has told me has come true in these first four days with Radar, despite my somehow thinking that I would be different. My lesson for today after spending all night rocking Radar, trying to get him to stop crying... "you'll be more tired than you've ever been in your life."

Fine! You win! I'm trashed... exhausted... and as punishment for my high and mighty attitude, I am posting a picture my mom took of me shortly after I finally crashed for a short nap this morning. It is NOT a flattering picture, but I've got to learn my lesson.
No matter though, I'm still over the moon, so I'm willing to admit that I'm not so smart now. Thank you to all the moms who have given me tips and advice... I am going to make a serious effort to listen to each of you with a slightly more open mind.




The Science Pundit said...

Looks like Fanny is taking advantage of your exhaustion to make up for the lack of attention that's been inflicted upon her.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about Fanny last night! No joke!

In my dream, Fanny and your other pug (in my dream you had 2 pugs)came to stay with us for a while. The problem was, our home owners association has a rule that each family can only have 3 dogs (this is a very stupid rule, but it is true).

My solution? Rotating the pugs! In my dream, I would take Daisy and one of the three pus on walks, to social events, etc, pretending that each of the 3 pugs was Sneakers. Isn't that funny?

Andrea said...

so... hello kitty eh?? I would love to call you.. but will give you a few weeks to grab any napping possible! xoxoxo

Annie40 said...

Hi christina anne from tasmania here, you and radar are so beautiful it makes me cry. You seem to have lovely and close family and friends too its a bit special..,. My email is i'd love to keep in touch (only for that holiday in the bahama's ! ) i'm due in 3 days eek! No action yet though. Glad everything is so wonderful for you, i can't wait for my turn. I look forward to hearing from you, if not your blog will do just fine! Take case , anne x x x

Nadine said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood.
Thanks for sharing all the photos of precious Radar and the Real World YOU! I'm just impressed by your amazing blog and up to date info.

Yes Sleep when the baby sleeps. Let your family help you out and do the labor intensive work while you heal your body and provide nourishment to Radar! Your c section should feel better in a week and then 2 weeks a charm.


Marco said...

Believe it or not (and despite what you say, I don't expect you to start believing me)I was hoping to proven wrong on anything I may have said about pain, drugs and exhaustion. I agree with Nadine, you should sleep when the baby sleeps and drink LOTS of liquids to help w/ milk production.