Friday, December 26, 2008

Adjusting to life with an alien

HAPPY BOXING DAY!!!! I wanted to share this picture we took this morning of Radar when he's awake and looking around! This little man has totally and utterly stolen my whole heart!!

But that isn't the main thrust of this posting... this is about the pug!

Earlier in December, Tio Javier (the Science Pundit) forwarded the above article about an earth shattering discovery… dogs feel jealous! For any of us who have had a dog (or four, Mom) or for those who have spent any amount of time with a dog, well, I guess our reaction to this revelation is… “No f&%$ing DUH!”

Take Fantango as case in point. The pug before and after the arrival of “the alien,” as she calls Radar, is the portrait of two pugs. The happy, “I am Queen!” pug and the insecure, tail uncurled, “why has my momu forsaken me?” pug (for those that don’t know pug-speak, momu = mommy). This has not been an easy week for the pug. The pug is clearly jealous that the alien has taken away so much of momu’s attention that is rightfully hers. To her credit though, she is not a violent pug and has made no efforts to take out her feelings of envy on the alien… if anything, she just wants to smell the squeaky, cranky, sleepy thing more to better understand why momu would diss her for something so inferior! And then there is the petty vindictiveness, like peeing outside the baby’s room when she was locked out the other day. Poor pug!

But Christmas is a time of miracles and yesterday I started to witness the miracle of acceptance. The pug regained some of her spark and vigor. Her tail started to curl back up. A visit from Uncle Stefan really picked up her spirits and she jumped on his lap and reclaimed some territory that is exclusively hers! Then nurse (my mom) came back to town and the pug reacted with the manic happiness that she hasn’t shown since before the alien’s arrival. I am encouraged that Fanny is adjusting so quickly… she’s back in bed with me now and instead of waking up every time I get up to feed the baby, she just looks up, sees that I’m attending to the alien, then puts her head back down and fades back to sleep.

The cat has remained indifferent. In fact, if they want to do a study that might actually shed light on a subject, I challenge those hard working scientists who seem to have nothing but time on their hands to test to see what emotions a cat feels!

Anyway, my hopes of a happy, harmonious family are restored! So on this Boxing Day 2008, let’s all give a big hurray for this happy news!!

Titi, Radar and Fantango (this is the first time she has agreed to have her name included on a post, PA (post alien))

ps - to Tia Marco... sorry I've been so rude and that I haven't thanked you for the gifts you sent along with Lali (via Dardo). I love all the hand-me-downs (carriers, cute little outfits), I love the inflatable ducky bath... but most of all, I really, really love the framed portrait of San Rafael!!! I actually cried when I opened it (Lali and Mom are witnesses... but then I cry happy tears over lots of things these days...). So thank you Tia Marco for another awesome and creative gift! Between his custom embroidered diaper bag and gilded framed portraits of his Saint, my kid is going to be the coolest kid on the block!


The Science Pundit said...

Now all he needs is something Darwin related.

We all knew the pug would come around; with such a cute face, how could anyone not love him?

Anonymous said...

Finally this Computer let us put something here. We been follow you and radar before he born. We are so Happy for both. Welcome to the wanderfull mamis world and Rafita like rafa call him is very lucky to have you as mom. We can wait for meet him and the kiddos are so excited because tia Titi have a Baby they love the pic of molligan sleeping on all the baby stuff and Litlte Vivi says the Baby Radar is the most cute baby of the all world. Hug to all

Rafa, Pepe, and Vivi x 2

Marco said...

I suppose I should mention that there is some degree of regifting in that painting. Mom and Pop brought it back from Cuzco Peru. I definately felt you and the baby bug needed to have it. I'm so very glad you liked it