Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are December birthdays really so bad???

I’ve gotten quite a bit of grief over giving Radar a mid to late December birthday. I’ve been told that he’ll hate his birthday because he’ll get ripped off on presents and attention due to the proximity with Christmas. I tend to think that any day of the year is just fine if you’re lucky enough to be born healthy and into a loving home, most especially if that home has a pug! On the other hand, I’m no expert because I was born in April and I do really enjoy any extra attention lavished on me on my birthday.

In order to clear this up, I have turned to two of my very closest friends who share two qualities needed to opine on the subject:

1. Mid-December birthdays
2. Unimpeachable wisdom

First subject: Felipe Pereira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Birthday: December 18
Credentials: My surrogate husband, world record holder in diverse uses of the banana fruit
Flaws: Unable to distinguish between an orange traffic cone and a pumpkin

“A December child is great, but this child needs to be savvy about his gift demands. It is true that because I was born one week before the Lord himself, I used to get half as many gifts as other kids. I still need to run some statistical analysis to figure out if this is indeed because of the proximity of dates, or because my monkey family from the third world only had enough money for one cow per year, so that even if my birthday would have been in July, maybe I would not get another cow.

On the other hand, a ‘double-gift’ scenario could be interesting if “Radar” takes a couple Warren Buffet classes. This is because nowadays, even in over-consumption societies such as the Americana Way of Life, relatives tend to be stingy and not give nice gifts. Instead, they believe in that bull&%$# about "the important thing is to remember the date and at least give a small gift". That’s tantamount with BS like "people play for the sport and blah blah blah". Nobody wants to lose, they want to win and nobody wants a cheesy t-shirt, they want the new Play Station 3, a nice bicycle or an inflatable sex doll. These cost a lot of money, and the double-gift scenario provides a wonderful opportunity for the stingy relatives to join forces and give a nice present.

On the other hand (wait, I ran out of hands, let's make that another foot), if the whole family converts to Judaism, there would be no problem with the one week b-day and x-mas dates. On the other foot, Jewish people don’t give gifts (right Frank), so that would suck double-time; no b-day gift and no x-mas gift.”

Second subject: Serena Cosgrove, Vashon Island, WA, USA
Birthday: December 19
Credentials: My best friend who I used to work with whose initials are SC, speaks French, is able to wow a South Beach club crowd by dancing in high heals and wine stained pajamas.
Flaws: Favorite movie is “Dirty Dancing”

“I have to confess that I like having my birthday in December. It makes December one hell of a special month. My birthday is on December 19th and as I was growing up, my family always made sure that I got a birthday cake and presents on my birthday. I can imagine though that it might be hard for folks whose birthdays were on the 24th or the 25th or the 26th of December...kind of hard to keep things separate. But you know, the most important thing is knowing that you are loved and that the world is a better place because you are in it. And no one is going to know this better than Rafael Darwin (aka Radar)."

So there you have it... the experts have spoken!!

Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

I hope you're not taking advice from somebody who doesn't know the difference between a dog and a bog.

Laura Steenwyk said...

My son's birthday is not in December - but it is on the same weekend as a major festival here in Grand Rapids. They have fireworks, a parade, and lots of music. The festivities make his birthday even more fun!!
I would think a December birthday would be magical - beautiful lights, great music, good food - and of course an awesome mommy to go with it!!
Love you bunches - can't wait to see Radar (if only in email).

Lali said...

I am not an expert in December birthdays because I am a July baby. However, I don't think anyone has anything to worry about. I would like to speak to the person who thinks that Radar will be deprived in any way. On one hand he will have Titi as his mommy. On the other hand he will have myself as the best aunt ever. On one foot, he has a pretty freaking awesome rest of the family. Look, you have a free foot! I only need three extremities!

Anyhoo, my mother believes that since the mother does all the work on a baby's b-day, it her day and not the baby's. So the real question is: Titi, you cool with Radar b-day?

I am going to go ahead and guess- hellz yah!

Love you all!

Tia Sara said...

Dec 18th, St. Winebald's day is looking better and better....Radar would share a birthday with Felipe(Pereira) and get a cow as a present!
Tia Sara

Marco said...

I always loved my mid-September birthday because the weather always very pleasantly outdoorsy. I find w/ Xavier's birthday (Nov 15) the weather tends to be cold and miserable, which probably is not the case in the Bahamas’ and southern Florida. And yes, being that Radar's birthday and Xmas are so close the only child / grandchild / nephew of your huge mess of relatives will probably have his massive pile of gifts cut in half and divided between the 2 days, but I think he'll make out better than say a banana cow farmer from a 3rd world country.

Uncle Stefan said...

I discussed the birthday issue already with Fantango on Tuesday, her birthday, before you all even got into this. When I picked her up for her birthday walk, she complained heavily about being already neglected gift wise compared to all the other new stuff that is already there for the new addition. (only Mulligan can use those new things already.) She was so disappointed to still need to wear the worn out pick collar with the old blue leash....She mentioned that all the dogs would look at her like.... I had to explain to Fantango that I purposely was waiting to see what new things would be on her birthday table before I buy her the proper things. She then went on with 'Mulligan has her own toilet, and I don't even know where to poop in the house' and she went on and on and on...Some days I not only feel like a pug walker but a psycologist.

Cousin Laurie said...

Try sharing your birthday with three other people! I always take a backseat to the kids!
Both my in-laws are Dec (11 & 19) and they have never suffered for being too close to Christmas. Now Grammy Blodgett was the 25th and she complained about getting shafted, but that was a long time ago and she complained a lot. Radar will never know the difference. It's his birthday. Period.

Fantangi said...

This is Fantango speaking (yes, I got a intensive language lesson from my 'man in black' Uncle Frank also uncle Stefan:
I totally can only agree with what uncle Stefan said. And if things are continuing developing towards my disadvantage, I promise this house will stink like hell because of lot of poop (from me and not from the new addition). You all better pay attention to me (and my lover, who fortunately does not have any claws anymore).

Rev. Frank G said...

Since my name was directly in this blog. I should mention

You Said - "On the other foot, Jewish people don’t give gifts (right FRANK), so that would suck double-time; no b-day gift and no x-mas gift.”"

This is not a true statement. They get crappy gifts. They basicly take all the gifts you would recieve on Christmas and spreading it out for an un-godly number of days.

Also some years the double gift thing doesn't apply. Meaning the luner calendar and solar calendar are at war. So Hannakah some times starts in November or closer to January.

So its a crap shoot if the double gift rule applies.

I believe Hannakah was created to make all the people celebrating Christmas mad because they think they get 8 million more presents. Well sure you can get 791,000,000 to 799,000,000 crappy presents and 1 to 9 good one. You only recieve no gifts and birthday presents if *Your parent is becoming a woman and has disowned you* For those who don't know ... We get B-day Presents -SILLY PUG LOVING - CAT SNIFFING - PREGO WOMAN - My B-day gift usually involves going to the Bahamas.

I've deciede the Hannakah/Christmas thing is stupid. The really holiday is Hannimas or as some pronounce ChrismaHannaKwanzikah.

So Radar can have BirthaChrismaHannaKwanzikah it can last all month and be based on a lunar/solar meeting calender. Which means if Hannakah/Christmas/Radars Birthday/Kwanzah/Hajj possibly fall on that day, you celebrate. Its a month and a half event.

I also have been worrying about the birth so I thought you should watch this - Please watch the video -