Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cost of Gas!

We all know that the price of gas has fluctuated this year in terms of dollars. But I hope that we've also learned that the cost of gas goes well beyond the dollar measurement by gallon. Global warming is a cost of gas... National security is a cost of gas... and I've learned over the last couple of days that sleep and sanity are also a cost of gas... baby gas that is!

Poor Radar had a pretty miserable day yesterday. He was up most of the day and when he was awake, he was crying most of the time, and when he was crying, he was screaming most of the time. It was heart breaking to not be able to console my sweet little boy as he turned red and purple and squirmed and farted and burped. After a twenty minute fit, he would just collapse into sleep in my arms or in my mom's arms. If we tried to put him down, he would start screaming again, so he spent 99% of the day in our arms. I'm not complaining – I love my baby and will forgo all sleep and sanity if I can console my baby, but it's a pretty helpless feeling when you just don't seem to be able to help!

So far, I've started changing my diet to try to see if something I'm eating is making his gas worse. I've given up all citrus fruits, grapes, apples, kiwis, etc. I've given up chocolate (not easy!) I've given up coffee (I just recently restarted my love affair with coffee, but that's on hold again now.) If that doesn't seem to make any difference, then the next big one is dairy products (no ice cream, no cereal... yikes!!) I'm not sure what else to do. So for all you experienced moms out there that have lived through the heartbreak of watching their babies squirm and struggle and scream through inconsolable painful gassiness... is there anything else I can do?

On the up side, yesterday's hard day led to a pretty good night and so far, a morning full of sleep. Let's hope that today is a better day overall since we've got big plans! We're going to the mall and we're supposed to go to a barbeque at Uncle Stefan's.

Titi and Radar

Today's P.S. is a shout out to my cousin and his family in Seoul, S. Korea! Vivi left a comment yesterday and it was so great to hear from that far away wing of the family (that's my cousin Rafael's family who has spent the last two years in S. Korea under his current Army assignment). Vivi indicated that Vivianita thinks that Radar is the cutest baby in the world!! Now considering that they have lived in so many places (Panama, Various US cities, Peru and now Korea), I don't think there's anyone who can speak with greater authority! Thank you Vivianita... I think you're the smartest little girl in the world!!!


Jenna said...

Im not sure how I found your blog, but love reading of your adventures.
My baby suffered horribble gas and so did my sisters daughter: No dairy, brocoli, onions and cabbage!

The Science Pundit said...

No dairy, broccoli, onions and cabbage? That's horrible! I thrive on dairy, broccoli and onions, washed down with a fine porter (substituting Diet Coke® when I get too tipsy for the porter). What's wrong with that? Oh ... gas ... never mind.

Anonymous said...

Hey it is nothing that you are eating. I had the same thing with your beloved Kimberdoo. Radar just has a tiny digestive tract. If you gave him formula it would be a billion times worse. Your milk is best.It lasts as long as morning sickness. I wish I was there as walking, bouncing, driving, walking with snugglie helps and I have lots of energy. Just yell and I will come. Hugs, kisses.

Anonymous said...

Hey titi Felipe was oretty bad with gas too. So my mom give the best thing ever, you have to drink Tea off Anis Estrellado I don't now how to say in English sorry I can't help with that. Drink a lot of water for your milk don't be that heavy. I is true don't give Formula is make worse. Your milk is the best. Hug from the other side of the word.

TaraMac said...

Ian, Isabel & Alex were all very gassy and fussy. Unfortunately the answer is probably time...I know that's not a nice answer!! I tried EVERYTHING...I hope you have better luck that I did, but it may just be that his g/i tract is immature and will come around in time. Try Mylacon (simethicone) drops. They sometimes help!
Good luck...

Laura Steenwyk - Grand Rapids said...

Mars had reflux and colic for the first three months. Hell for everyone. The final thing that worked was a mix of Probiotics and Prevacid. Mostly it was the Probiotics. You can get the infant probiotics at most health food stores. I swear by them. Mostly the crying is digestive related - so anything that can help the digestive tract is a bonus.