Monday, December 22, 2008

Day of rest...

As you can see, Radar and I take very seriously the Sabbath as a day of rest! I rested from blogging and Radar slept about 22 hours. That's not to say that we didn't do anything (we went strolling and we danced and we got to know Fanny a little better), just that Radar slept through most of it.
Today however, we are back to work. Both Radar and I have doctor's appointments and I have to go to the birth registry department to register the "male infant of Christena Pazos" as one Rafael Darwin Pazos, born December 16, 2008! Somehow I thought that happened automatically... I guess that I better not let that nasty Pazos procratisnation bug take hold on this one.
We'll also pop into Doctor's Hospital to drop a gift off for all the wonderful nurses and staff who helped bring Radar safely into my arms! Hopefully the midwife who spent all day with me (Elaine) and some of the other nurses who helped me so much in those painful and groggy post-op hours will be there so that I can grab some pictures to post.
More later.
Titi and Radar


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