Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day of rest...

Tonight will be a quick post as I'm going to try to convince Radar that sleeping is a good idea and fun! Today was a good day though... Radar was much less fussy and we took the stroller out for a 20 minute walk on a perfect day. My mom left at 3pm and just over an hour later, my dad showed up to meet his grandson. Tomorrow is another big day with the whole Americanization of Radar, so I'll post how smoothly and flawlessly the process goes!

Big hugs,

Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...


Lali said...

My lordy! It has been a while since I commented. I have the cutest most beautiful nephew in the the whole world!!!

We need to coordinate the uploading pictures to the web so I can do my thing.

Not to be whiny, BUT where is the photo or Radar in his stocking? You promised you'd take one! Although his outfit is super duper cute!

Very cute picture of Daddy-doo and Radar! I am so jealous that I am not there!

I am so glad the puggy Fanny is adjusting to the perfect alien. Boat loads of hugs and kisses for Radar!

Rest well! Love, Love, Love you all!

Marco said...

That is one happy proud grandpa! Congrats Tio! I'm not sure I see the nose thing mom... Btw Fanny, little Xavier like to scroll to the pictures with you in them, so you still have a very strong fan base. Enjoy being the big sister.

Besos... Marco

Tia Sara said...

Congratulation Abuelo Tribi, nice that you finally joined Club Grand. Titi, I love the new picture in the masthead of Radar with his eyes and mouth open! Just like the Gerber baby, but with personality.
Tia Sara

Radar's Mom said...

Oh my Tia... you're right... I hadn't thought of the Gerber baby comparison, but that's what he looks like. The Gerber baby with personality!!!