Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The first 24

Well, in the last 24 hours, outside life for Radar just got started and life for me just got a million times better and a million times busier! I'm one finger typing because my gorgeous little man is currently occupying my left arm, but I'll try to post this as close to Radar's 1 day birthday as possible! (8:37pm)

During his first full day of lung breathing, Radar pooped three times, peed a few times, started to get the hang of this tricky eating challenge, slept bunches, excercised his lungs and met a bunch of new family and friends. With some luck, his next 24 will take him to his home where he'll get to meet his furry sibling.

Now the new mommy is going to try to catch a quick nap before our next go at the whole feeding frenzy.

Love to all and thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Titi & Radar


The Science Pundit said...


Try to get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Christena -

You and your mother must be over the moon with joy! He gets more handsome everytime I see a new picture!

Lots of Love

Silvia said...

Hi My Dear!

Radar is gorgeous!! congratulations and thanks for sharing with us all your emotions and wonderful moments.
Muchos besos para todos, Silvia

Tia Sara said...

Only 2 posts in the last 24 hours..... Even with checking on all the comments, I'm having withdrawal symptoms.....

To be sung very loosely to the tune of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love

I get to work, I log in
Time to check with Radar Love again

Do some work, finish most
Got to see who comments on your post

Take a call, have some food
Got to check Fandango's mood

Can't seem.... to stay away
Radar Love has got me in it's sway

Oh I'd like to think that I'm immune to the stuff, Oh Yeah
Closer to the truth to say I can't get enough
Might as well face it, I'm addicted to your blog.

Titi, lets face it, I'm addicted to your blog
Titi, lets face it, I'm addicted to your blog
Titi, lets face it, I'm addicted to your blog
Titi, lets face it, I'm addicted to your blog
Might as well face it, I just love Radar Love!!!!!!!

I love you and Radar too.
Tia Sara

The Science Pundit said...

Tia Sara needs to get a karaoke machine so she can record her new song. ;-)

Radar's Mom said...


I'm so sorry... it seems that these little human beings keep you busy and tired!!! I'm home now though, so I will be posting a bit more now/. My mom is up napping, but she has a response to your comment on the whole "nose" comment that you made..

More to come..

Radar's Mom

Abuela said...

I pointed out to Titi very early on,that little Radar had a distinguished patrician a Roman emperor or a fine wine aficionado. She was a bit doubtful, but then came the comment about the Pazos schnozz...Oy! Total denial. We've got to be more more careful. Abuela