Monday, December 22, 2008

A long day, but all is well...

"Hello. This is Radar. Can I call you back later - I've had a long day and I'm beat!"

Today Radar is 6 days old and I am 6 days post surgery. The plan for today was to quickly register Radar as a legal person, then pop into my doctor's office to have him take a look at my incision, then off to Radar's doctor for a quick look over before heading home. I packed up Radar's most awesome and unique diaper bag (a gift from his Tio Javier) for the first time (with too few wipies as it turns out) and off we went. There's nothing like heading out at 10am for what you think will be a three hour cruise and returning home at 6pm feeling like you've been trampled by Junkanoo (more on that in a couple of days).

But all is well... Although it took over an hour in some pretty uncomfortable chairs at the registrar's office, Rafael Darwin Pazos is now "in the system" and I should have the certificate to prove it by next Monday... then it's off to the embassy to Americanize my little man!

My doctor was actually on time and quick... he ripped off the dressing covering my incision, plucked out the sutures and gave me the go ahead to shower for the first time in a week - hurray!!! (I have had to sponge bathe until now). But note to self... the next time you're going to have an exposed, tender scar right at the bikini line, DO NOT wear bikini cut underwear that day... go with the granny panties! For the next 4 hours, this lesson was uncomfortably and sometimes painfully reinforced.

Lastly was Radar's appointment. We were early, but thought maybe they'd be good enough to fit us in... WRONG! We waited for over two hours in the waiting room, my back and incision throbbing, Radar crying and Lali falling asleep and doing the head jerk thing every now and then. But when the final verdict came in, Radar got an A+... literally... that's his blood type! He is doing great and the few issues that he has are either totally normal (some jaundice) or my fault (he's really gaseous and the doctor said we're going to play with my diet until we find out what's causing all my little boy's gas pains).

When we had some time to kill in the waiting room, we tried to get creative with some picture taking! *

So now it's off to bed... but tomorrow is another big day, although shorter... and again, I mean that literally shorter... as in "snip, snip!" My poor baby!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

* - the totally awesome and unique diaper bag that I referred to earlier is shown in the pictures. That pug on there is not just any pug... it was custom embroidered from a picture of Fantango! No other baby in the world has such an awesome diaper bag! Thank you Tio Javier.


The Science Pundit said...

He's looks sooooooo cute there sleeping next to his bag.

Lori said...

Short errands will now take five times as long to accomplish with little guy in tow! Here is to motherhood and saying goodbye to quick, speedy errands. Th pictures of Radar in his stroller and his car seat are so precious. You not only have been blessed with a baby but a beautiful baby. I hope you can catch up on your sleep but realize this to shall pass. Before you know it Radar will not only be sleeping through the night but taking his first steps. Enjoy every minute of very well deserved happiness.
Much love and God's blessings,

Tia Sara said...

Just wait til you get to the US Consulate.....It took me forever to get Marcela 'Americanized' because some dodo kept insisting I needed documents that in fact I did not need. I was American (had a birth certificate and passport), Andy was American (had naturalization papers and passport) but she insisted she needed a marriage certificate (I'm not even sure I have one and certainly did not have one in Napoli at the time). I had to get a supervisor involved to say that even if I was not married, the baby could be American because I was. Anyway, the guy that I was saying was my husband was American too. She still made life difficult since she did not like being proved wrong. Good luck Radar, my little Americano!
Tia Sara

Angela said...


que bueno que ya estas en casa y te sientes mejor... porque fueron dos cosas juntas, mucho dolor, el Bebe y la cesarea.

toma mucho liquido y produces mas Leche, si lo alimentas de tu pecho, sera mas sanito, que bueno,,

TaraMac said...

Don't torture yourself about your diet!! My 3 all were gassy and no tweeking helped much. With Ian, I was down to eating turkey, pears, and rice (you can buy ANYTHING made out of rice), and his doctor finally said quit killing yourself!! If adjusting things helps, great...if not, his digestive system will mature soon and all will be well. He's soooooooo cute. I miss those newborn sleeping poses!!