Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snip, snip was no snap!

Ok, so I've always been told that circumcision is a snap. Just cutting away the foreskin - no big deal. Well, tell that to a new mother who's 7 day old baby is pinned down on a table like a wrestler (Mommy holding his arms), while a doctor uses needles, clamps and scissors on your sweet little boy's penis! They kept reassuring me that he wasn't in pain since they'd used a local anesthetic, but that didn't stop me from sobbing. I tried to sing to him to calm him down, but I couldn't sing through my sobbing and my dripping snotty nose. It was a horrible experience - at least for me! And all day since, I've been weepy and feeling guilty!

Anyway... Radar is sleeping peacefully now - I just snapped this picture a few minutes ago of him making his power fist, showing that he has overcome today's challenge! I so hope that the trauma of today really was born mostly by me! I'm sorry baby boy!

Lali leaves tomorrow, so sometime this evening or early tomorrow morning, she'll do her own snip, snip on me (my hair that is) so that I look more presentable for Radar's first family Christmas picture.

So now I'll go do some more of my favorite activity... staring at my baby boy in wonderment. In just under an hour from now, he'll be one week old. I've had weeks that seemed like lifetimes before, but never on this scale. I wouldn't trade this past week for all the others before it... it's that good!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


TaraMac said...

Oh man, Christena!! For both of my boys they did the circ in the hospital when they were a day old...they were taken to a different room and I was not included! From your account (which I'm sure would have been the same as mine), I am glad for it!

I'm glad Radar seems none the worse for wear! What a precious little troper!!

Anonymous said...

Thomas' circumcision was done in private...I would not have wanted to sit through that either, but don't worry too much about it they get over it fast, before you know it it will be all healed. Those little dudes are very resilient. BTW I can't believe you are still blogging this stuff, if it was me i would have probably lasted a couple of days before the exhaustion kicked in. BTW2 Deidre says hi and Radar is a cutie!
That is all for now!

-code monkey

Dardo said...

Love the power fist. I've trying to think of a good caption for it, but nothing does it justice.

It could be the lighting, but Radar seems tanner than the photos from his first few days. Please be careful in that hot Pajamas sun.

Marco said...

There is a photo of me with a look of absolute horror during the circumcision at Xavier's Bris. Jews thankfully do not expect the mother to hold the baby, that sounds really rough. The Mohel was a specialist who gave X a binkie dip of wine before and after to help w/ the pain (which I believe helped a lot and may have given him an early appriciation of the finer things in life). The guy also blessed my baby, welcomed him to Judaism and we had a happy tearful baby naming ceramony. Everyone came to meet the baby and eat. I don't know if you are planning a baptism, but it is certainly nice to have some kind of welcoming ceremony for your super special fruit of your woom.

Kisses... Marco

PS. That Mohel guy also made a housecall a few days later to make sure little Avi was healing well. I really liked him...

Tia Sara said...

To continue Marco's post, the Mohel came to make the housecall at our house, since Marco, Frank and X were still living there. Imagine him coming into this house filled with crusifictions and virgins and saints. He took it in stride.... I liked him too.
Tia Sara