Friday, December 19, 2008

Tia Lali's visit

Who is Tia Lali?

We’ll start with that to lead into the story of how she got to the Bahamas…
Lali is my wonderful, beautiful, fun and loving 24 year old half sister. She is also smart… for her undergraduate studies she double majored in math and chemistry, with a minor in physics. Earlier this year she applied to seven top level graduate schools where she wanted to pursue her post-graduate doctorate in physical chemistry. She applied to U Penn, U Chicago, Michigan, Illinois, Johns Hopkins, Cornell and Wisconsin. She was accepted into all of them!!! She just wrapped up her first quarter at University of Chicago and is well on her way to proving that she is the most smartest, accomplishest of all the Pazos (except Radar who has mastered breastfeeding at two days of age… no one can top that!)

And yet this same brilliant star has sometimes shown an oft seen side effect of geniuses… yes, that’s right… airheadedness! A couple of years ago our cousin Sara was getting married in Venezuela, so Lali and I decided to head down to join in the fun! Using my multitude of frequent flyer miles, I got us First Class tickets for the trip. This was planned months in advance. Lali bought the dresses we would wear and up until the morning of departure, all was going extremely smoothly. I had arranged with Lali to pick me up at my Mom’s house in the morning so that we could head to the airport together. Knowing that she likes to sleep in, I called early to make sure she was up and packed… she was. So I waited for her to show up. And I waited. And the designated time passed. And I got nervous. So I called to make sure she was on her way. What I got was our brother Eduardo on the phone with a screaming, cursing Lali in the background. Turns out that although we were departing in 3 hours from Miami, Lali’s passport was in Maryland!

Hey, it’s a mistake anyone can make… ONCE!

So, although we were expecting to see Lali early on Wednesday morning (a 9:00am arrival time), it wasn’t until I spoke with Stefan (her designated airport chauffer service) at some time after 9 that I learned that a "logistical" problem had caused Lali to miss her flight… it couldn’t be… so I called Lali directly and so as not to pick on her too much, I might point out that this time there were two major differences. First, although her flight was scheduled to take off from Miami, her passport was in CHICAGO, not in Maryland. Second, when Lali called to change her flight, she was informed by the airline that she had never actually purchased the ticket! See! Totally different! Fool her once shame on you. Fool her twice… um… fool won’t get fooled again? Isn’t that how the expression goes.

Sorry for the long post – the end is a happy one though because Tia Lali is here (after some overnight Fedexing and last minute ticket purchasing) and she’s making these first days with Radar so much more special!

We love you Tia Lali,

Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

We can forgive Tia Lali her logistical lapses because she's the bestest tia little Radar could ever ask for!

Dardo said...

Yes, let's just hope Radar will never had to depend on her in some way that requires her remembering her passport.

Radar's Mom said...

Dardo, how negative! We love Tia Lali and she is totally the best! In addition, I plan to send my dear Radar on several international trips where I have no doubt she will remember her passport. How about some positive comments!