Monday, December 8, 2008

'Twas the week before Christmas...

When all through the house,
A baby was crying…

But we’re still not sure which day the baby will start crying.

Monday, December 8, 2008 update:

- Radar weighs 7 lbs.
- I am 50% effaced.
- My doctor did a sweep.

What does that all mean? It means that I’m not quite where my doctor would like me to be for an induction next Monday, so he tried to encourage my cervix to speed things up a bit. I will go in this Friday to see how things are progressing and based on that, we will schedule my induction for either next Monday, December 15th or Wednesday, December 17th.

So – barring unforeseen events, my baby boy should be arriving either a week from today or 9 days from today. I’ll know more Friday! No matter what, it’s just around the corner.

On a very important side note, today is Fantango’s 3rd birthday!!!

Happy Birthday pug!!!


Titi and Radar

ps - I've posted a poll over to the right where you can vote on what you think Radar's birthday will be. I figured I'd do that for all you political junkies who miss all the online polls that you opined on during the long election season. This one also comes with the standard disclosure that it is not a scientific poll and and you get nothing if you're correct!


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to them Radar, wait it out ... you can last till the 20th. I need a December 20th birthday and you can be it. Don't listen to the Doctors/ Mommy. You hold on there tiger.

Its very cold out here. Its at least 98.6% where you are constantly.

So listen closely hold on till the 20th ...

Anonymous - Tio Frank

Marco said...

Happy Birthday Fanny! You're getting an extra special gift this year!

Lali said...

Happy B-day Fanny!

I vote for December 17, because I can make it to Nassau by then!

I want to be there. Radar, you want me to be there... wait until Wednesday.

I love you all!

Tia Sara said...

Before voting, I decided to look up the saints for the days mentioned since that sort of this is very important to me. I'm voting for the 18th because it is Saint Winebald day; also St. Rufus and St.Quintus.

Tia Sara

Frank said...

Best think is life is Hugs and Pugs

Anonymous said...

I vote for the 15th...less crowding at the airport..etc. This is about me isn't it?
Abuela and Fanny

The Science Pundit said...

St. Winebald's Day????

I need to change my vote! :-(

Happy Birthday Fanny!

Angela,,,Dad,,Mime,,,,Barack=Mojito said...

Feliz Cumpleanos,, FAntango.

Que bueno, vamos a Tener El Bebe en el Pesebre. para esta navidad,,
Baby First X-mas

Stefan said...

Who wants to be born on Dec 17th, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers??? Radar, I suggest you pick the 22nd, since that is the day when in 1956 Colo was born, the first gorilla to be bred in captivity. With all the love that is coming down on you, hope you can escape once in a while....

Fantango: Happy birthday!!! I guess we will run an extra loop around Sandyport to work of all your additional birthday treats...
'Uncle Stefan'