Sunday, December 14, 2008

The wisdom of chocolate!

Well, just two days away. I've read all the books and websites about all the things I can do to prepare. One site said to cook... cook and freeze stuff so that you don't have to do it once you're back home and exhausted. So today I've got pea soup simmering on the stove, a chicken in the slow cooker and the spinach quiche just came out of oven (and yes, the pug and I have sampled it already – shut up!). The baby seat is already in the car, my suitcase for the hospital is packed and I'm catching cat naps whenever my eyes get droopy.

So now there's just that pesky labor thing to worry about. All the books and websites give you templates for writing a birth plan. That includes the basics like, “I want to try a natural birth with no meds,” to the really detailed stuff like, “I'd like the lights dimmed with Cat Stevens music playing,” and everything in between to let the hospital staff know just how you want to micromanage your baby's birth. Now, in addition to me being much more of a “wing it” type, my doctor also gave his subtle opinion of detailed birth plans with a barely perceptible roll of the eyes. He says that things usually don't go as planned and you end up throwing 90% of the plan out the window as reality takes over. Now, it isn't that I don't trust or respect my doctor's opinion, but is he really smarter than all the books and websites? There was only one way to find out... I turned to my trusty friend – the Dove dark chocolate message in a wrapper...
I think we can all agree that there's no denying the wisdom of chocolate, so I guess the doc's right and I'll save myself the trouble of drawing up a detailed plan. Bring it on Mother Nature!

Hugs and pugs,
Titi and Radar

ps – Fanny did not appreciate Dardo's comment on the previous post and thinks that pots should not be calling kettles black.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I remember it well. The classes, under the auspices of Harvard Med Sch. I believe. Only natural childbirth for a pseudo flower child like myself. As the labor wore on, and I dozed some, I think that I was asking someone to go down to the street corner to see if the guy there had anything to provide for pain management. Daughter of Nature role flew out the window pronto. I am looking forward to my pigout...treats coming for Fannie. We have to soften that blow. Love, Abuela

The Science Pundit said...

The wisdom of the food of the gods: brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mighty Chocolate with your yummy goodness, please instill us with wisdom and quench our hunger.

UMMMMMMMM Chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck. On the natural birth I tried it with Vivianita, I went into labor with contractions at 8AM; however Vivianita took her time, and at 3:30 AM the next day I took a shot of the epidural. All that said, I am not nearly as tough as you. We are all monitoring Radar's arrival news. The kids loved Mullligan's pictures on the baby's stuff.



Laura Steenwyk said...

Bag the natural birth and take the drugs. God created doctors and doctors created drugs - its all good!!

Good luck -
Laura S.