Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toodooloo oh eight... bienvenido oh nine!!

Normally in a toodooloo to the old year post you would list all the big things that happened in the proceeding year. But it really seems like my 2008 only started 15 days ago and everything before December 16th has faded into some far off time. I have some vague memory of gaining 50 lbs and some guy with a funny name being elected president. But more recently, 2008 has taught me some of life's most important lessons... for example, I always knew that dryers ate socks for dinner, but I didn't know that little people socks are a favorite hor' d'oeuvre and disappear even more quickly, so you have to be very careful to supervise the dryer's behavior around tiny socks.

But mostly my 2008 can be summed up as follows...

... our first meeting and love at first sight for me!

... Radar's first day home and all the girls are fawning over him already.

... adjusting to a new way of life for everyone.

... one week and I'm in heaven!

... Radar's first Christmas and he's out partying.

... Radar's first barbeque!

... focusing in on all sorts of cool stuff!

... our favorite place to be!!! I love you more each day sweet boy!!!

I can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for us!

Mulligan, Fantango, Radar and I wish all of you a wonderful new year full of good health, good fun and all other good things!

Lots of love & Happy New Year!!

Titi and Radar

The Winner!!!

This was fun! I really enjoyed some of the suggested names for the picture. I loved the simplicity of Jenna's "I am Radar, hear me ROAR!" I also liked Javier's missing pickle jar. But this morning when I logged on and read the entry from Sneakers, I knew we had a winner! For those that don't know Sneakers, he is Fantango's long lost love. Sneakers and Fantango came from the same pug breeder and were born just a month or so apart (Fanny is older). And although Sneakers went to live with Kimberdoo Rice in North Carolina (he was my wedding gift to Kim and Jason), he has always kept up his correspondence with Fantango. So everybody, meet Sneakers!

And Sneakers' winning entry:

"You take my foreskin? Now I eat your brain!"
Congratulations Sneakers!!

More later on seeing out the old year and welcoming the new...

Titi and Radar

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just a quickie... Happy 2 weeks baby boy!

Well, not too much to report today. We had big plans to get lots of stuff done and instead spent most of the day playing vegetable. We did go to our follow up appointment with the chop doc (circumcision guy) and Radar's wee one got the big thumbs up... all healed and looking good! So that traumatic phase of our lives is now in the past.

Today is Radar's two week birthday. How can it be that this little, perfect piece of love has already been in my arms for two weeks? I'm already looking at pictures that span these past 14 days and I see my sweet boy changing! Yikes... slow down time... let me savor this more slowly. Right now Radar is asleep on my chest and every few minutes he squeeks. I lean down to smell his baby hair and kiss his head every couple of minutes. And I still cry when I look at him, so I guess I'm doing my best to savor these moments. A friend wrote to me today and told me that I'll look back on these sleepless nights and cherish them, so sleep be damned for now!

For all of you less mushy types, I apologize for all the sappy sentimentality, but I am hormonal, sleep deprived and hopelessly in love with this baby of mine, so you'll just have to put up with it.

As for the name the picture contest, there have been a number of unsigned entries, one of which I really liked. But I'll wait another day to see if there are any other suggestions and announce the winner tomorrow. For today, I'll just repost this picture of Radar that my aunt said reminded her of the Gerber baby but with more personality... what do you think?

Lots of love,

Titi and Radar

Monday, December 29, 2008

Easy Americano in three steps and a photo contest...

Becoming an American Citizen in three easy steps

1. Get born into a legitimate qualifying situation (ie, to a genuine American mommy),
2. Have your legitimately American, born on American soil, mommy take you to the US Embassy to register you,
3. Have your mommy argue with the US Embassy Agent for an hour about how the things they are asking you for don't make any sense, then leave empty handed to return another day.

See – isn't that easy?! And what is it that mommy argued about? Well, my understanding of US law is that if I am a citizen, born on American soil, then my children have the right to citizenship. Period. So I went to the embassy with my passport and Radar's Bahamian birth certificate in hand. I filled in all the paperwork and all seemed to be in order until the agent asked me for my W2's or school records to show that I was a resident in the US for at least one year. The conversation continued like so...

Me: “I don't have those with me. Why do I need them? I am a US citizen born in the US, so my son is entitled to his citizenship, right?”

Agent: “Yes ma'am. But you need to show proof of residency for one year. Any year.”

Me: “Ok, like I said, I don't have that with me, but why do I have to show proof of residency if my son is entitled to citizenship?”

Agent: “Because those are the requirements. Don't you have your school records?”

Me: “I've been out of school for 20 years – I don't carry those around with me. But again, you said that my son has the right to be a citizen, so why does it matter if I was a resident 20 years ago?”

Agent: “Were you?”

Me: “Yes, for 36 years.”

I proceeded to show her my Florida Driver's license, voter registration and the US stamps in my US passport. But all to no avail. So now I've got my mom digging through old tax records to find some old W2s that she can Fedex over to me.

The only other thing that I forgot to take were two passport photos of Radar (with his eyes open). So when I got home I took a bunch of pictures that I'll crop down to passport photo size and hopefully we'll have all this sorted out by next week! In short – Radar is now a legitimate person with no citizenship!

Name this Photo

During our photo shoot, I got this picture which is now my new favorite. A few things ran through my mind as a theme for the picture, but instead I thought I'd throw it out there as a “name that photo” contest. The best photo name will win the priceless prize of global recognition on this blog!! Who could ask for more... so good luck...

Titi and Radar

PS - Thank you Jenna, Laura, Tara, Vivi, Angela, Lori and all the other experienced moms who gave suggestions for Radar's gas pains. I'm going to get the ok from Radar's doctor and then try them one by one to see if we have any luck. Or as some of you have suggested, it might just be his immature gi tract and time might be the only solution. I'll keep you posted on the ongoing saga of Radar and his gassiness!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day of rest...

Tonight will be a quick post as I'm going to try to convince Radar that sleeping is a good idea and fun! Today was a good day though... Radar was much less fussy and we took the stroller out for a 20 minute walk on a perfect day. My mom left at 3pm and just over an hour later, my dad showed up to meet his grandson. Tomorrow is another big day with the whole Americanization of Radar, so I'll post how smoothly and flawlessly the process goes!

Big hugs,

Titi and Radar

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Cost of Gas!

We all know that the price of gas has fluctuated this year in terms of dollars. But I hope that we've also learned that the cost of gas goes well beyond the dollar measurement by gallon. Global warming is a cost of gas... National security is a cost of gas... and I've learned over the last couple of days that sleep and sanity are also a cost of gas... baby gas that is!

Poor Radar had a pretty miserable day yesterday. He was up most of the day and when he was awake, he was crying most of the time, and when he was crying, he was screaming most of the time. It was heart breaking to not be able to console my sweet little boy as he turned red and purple and squirmed and farted and burped. After a twenty minute fit, he would just collapse into sleep in my arms or in my mom's arms. If we tried to put him down, he would start screaming again, so he spent 99% of the day in our arms. I'm not complaining – I love my baby and will forgo all sleep and sanity if I can console my baby, but it's a pretty helpless feeling when you just don't seem to be able to help!

So far, I've started changing my diet to try to see if something I'm eating is making his gas worse. I've given up all citrus fruits, grapes, apples, kiwis, etc. I've given up chocolate (not easy!) I've given up coffee (I just recently restarted my love affair with coffee, but that's on hold again now.) If that doesn't seem to make any difference, then the next big one is dairy products (no ice cream, no cereal... yikes!!) I'm not sure what else to do. So for all you experienced moms out there that have lived through the heartbreak of watching their babies squirm and struggle and scream through inconsolable painful gassiness... is there anything else I can do?

On the up side, yesterday's hard day led to a pretty good night and so far, a morning full of sleep. Let's hope that today is a better day overall since we've got big plans! We're going to the mall and we're supposed to go to a barbeque at Uncle Stefan's.

Titi and Radar

Today's P.S. is a shout out to my cousin and his family in Seoul, S. Korea! Vivi left a comment yesterday and it was so great to hear from that far away wing of the family (that's my cousin Rafael's family who has spent the last two years in S. Korea under his current Army assignment). Vivi indicated that Vivianita thinks that Radar is the cutest baby in the world!! Now considering that they have lived in so many places (Panama, Various US cities, Peru and now Korea), I don't think there's anyone who can speak with greater authority! Thank you Vivianita... I think you're the smartest little girl in the world!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Adjusting to life with an alien

HAPPY BOXING DAY!!!! I wanted to share this picture we took this morning of Radar when he's awake and looking around! This little man has totally and utterly stolen my whole heart!!

But that isn't the main thrust of this posting... this is about the pug!

Earlier in December, Tio Javier (the Science Pundit) forwarded the above article about an earth shattering discovery… dogs feel jealous! For any of us who have had a dog (or four, Mom) or for those who have spent any amount of time with a dog, well, I guess our reaction to this revelation is… “No f&%$ing DUH!”

Take Fantango as case in point. The pug before and after the arrival of “the alien,” as she calls Radar, is the portrait of two pugs. The happy, “I am Queen!” pug and the insecure, tail uncurled, “why has my momu forsaken me?” pug (for those that don’t know pug-speak, momu = mommy). This has not been an easy week for the pug. The pug is clearly jealous that the alien has taken away so much of momu’s attention that is rightfully hers. To her credit though, she is not a violent pug and has made no efforts to take out her feelings of envy on the alien… if anything, she just wants to smell the squeaky, cranky, sleepy thing more to better understand why momu would diss her for something so inferior! And then there is the petty vindictiveness, like peeing outside the baby’s room when she was locked out the other day. Poor pug!

But Christmas is a time of miracles and yesterday I started to witness the miracle of acceptance. The pug regained some of her spark and vigor. Her tail started to curl back up. A visit from Uncle Stefan really picked up her spirits and she jumped on his lap and reclaimed some territory that is exclusively hers! Then nurse (my mom) came back to town and the pug reacted with the manic happiness that she hasn’t shown since before the alien’s arrival. I am encouraged that Fanny is adjusting so quickly… she’s back in bed with me now and instead of waking up every time I get up to feed the baby, she just looks up, sees that I’m attending to the alien, then puts her head back down and fades back to sleep.

The cat has remained indifferent. In fact, if they want to do a study that might actually shed light on a subject, I challenge those hard working scientists who seem to have nothing but time on their hands to test to see what emotions a cat feels!

Anyway, my hopes of a happy, harmonious family are restored! So on this Boxing Day 2008, let’s all give a big hurray for this happy news!!

Titi, Radar and Fantango (this is the first time she has agreed to have her name included on a post, PA (post alien))

ps - to Tia Marco... sorry I've been so rude and that I haven't thanked you for the gifts you sent along with Lali (via Dardo). I love all the hand-me-downs (carriers, cute little outfits), I love the inflatable ducky bath... but most of all, I really, really love the framed portrait of San Rafael!!! I actually cried when I opened it (Lali and Mom are witnesses... but then I cry happy tears over lots of things these days...). So thank you Tia Marco for another awesome and creative gift! Between his custom embroidered diaper bag and gilded framed portraits of his Saint, my kid is going to be the coolest kid on the block!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just Merry Christmas!

I'm pooped! Radar wanted to really relish all the moments of his Christmas Eve, so there was little sleeping last night. And today Abuela came back, Uncle Stefan came to visit and we went out to dinner at a colleague's house. Now mommy is totally crapped out, so I'll just post a couple of pictures and wish you all a wonderful, happy Christmas full of love and family!

Titi and Radar

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Feliz Noche Buena!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve or Feliz Noche Buena!! Lali left today and Mom (abuela to Radar) comes back tomorrow, so we're on our own for the first time tonight. As much as I love having the company and the help, I'm also loving this first Christmas Eve with my son!

Since I was so traumatized yesterday, I forgot to mention a couple of important things that happened on the table. First, I removed Radar's poopy diaper and cleaned him up before the procedure. Just as we put him on the table, he squirt the nurse to let her know how he felt about what was happening. She didn't quite get the point, so then he pooped on the table as well! That's my boy!!! When the procedure was over and they removed the drape that had been covering him, Lali squeeked, "look, his belly button thing fell off!" So my boy had two rights of passage yesterday and is really taking this whole "life on the outside" thing in stride!

So that's it for tonight. We'll post a longer Christmas message tomorrow, but for now, just make sure that not a creature stirs... not even a mouse.

Lots of love to all,

Titi and Radar

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snip, snip was no snap!

Ok, so I've always been told that circumcision is a snap. Just cutting away the foreskin - no big deal. Well, tell that to a new mother who's 7 day old baby is pinned down on a table like a wrestler (Mommy holding his arms), while a doctor uses needles, clamps and scissors on your sweet little boy's penis! They kept reassuring me that he wasn't in pain since they'd used a local anesthetic, but that didn't stop me from sobbing. I tried to sing to him to calm him down, but I couldn't sing through my sobbing and my dripping snotty nose. It was a horrible experience - at least for me! And all day since, I've been weepy and feeling guilty!

Anyway... Radar is sleeping peacefully now - I just snapped this picture a few minutes ago of him making his power fist, showing that he has overcome today's challenge! I so hope that the trauma of today really was born mostly by me! I'm sorry baby boy!

Lali leaves tomorrow, so sometime this evening or early tomorrow morning, she'll do her own snip, snip on me (my hair that is) so that I look more presentable for Radar's first family Christmas picture.

So now I'll go do some more of my favorite activity... staring at my baby boy in wonderment. In just under an hour from now, he'll be one week old. I've had weeks that seemed like lifetimes before, but never on this scale. I wouldn't trade this past week for all the others before it... it's that good!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Monday, December 22, 2008

A long day, but all is well...

"Hello. This is Radar. Can I call you back later - I've had a long day and I'm beat!"

Today Radar is 6 days old and I am 6 days post surgery. The plan for today was to quickly register Radar as a legal person, then pop into my doctor's office to have him take a look at my incision, then off to Radar's doctor for a quick look over before heading home. I packed up Radar's most awesome and unique diaper bag (a gift from his Tio Javier) for the first time (with too few wipies as it turns out) and off we went. There's nothing like heading out at 10am for what you think will be a three hour cruise and returning home at 6pm feeling like you've been trampled by Junkanoo (more on that in a couple of days).

But all is well... Although it took over an hour in some pretty uncomfortable chairs at the registrar's office, Rafael Darwin Pazos is now "in the system" and I should have the certificate to prove it by next Monday... then it's off to the embassy to Americanize my little man!

My doctor was actually on time and quick... he ripped off the dressing covering my incision, plucked out the sutures and gave me the go ahead to shower for the first time in a week - hurray!!! (I have had to sponge bathe until now). But note to self... the next time you're going to have an exposed, tender scar right at the bikini line, DO NOT wear bikini cut underwear that day... go with the granny panties! For the next 4 hours, this lesson was uncomfortably and sometimes painfully reinforced.

Lastly was Radar's appointment. We were early, but thought maybe they'd be good enough to fit us in... WRONG! We waited for over two hours in the waiting room, my back and incision throbbing, Radar crying and Lali falling asleep and doing the head jerk thing every now and then. But when the final verdict came in, Radar got an A+... literally... that's his blood type! He is doing great and the few issues that he has are either totally normal (some jaundice) or my fault (he's really gaseous and the doctor said we're going to play with my diet until we find out what's causing all my little boy's gas pains).

When we had some time to kill in the waiting room, we tried to get creative with some picture taking! *

So now it's off to bed... but tomorrow is another big day, although shorter... and again, I mean that literally shorter... as in "snip, snip!" My poor baby!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

* - the totally awesome and unique diaper bag that I referred to earlier is shown in the pictures. That pug on there is not just any pug... it was custom embroidered from a picture of Fantango! No other baby in the world has such an awesome diaper bag! Thank you Tio Javier.

Day of rest...

As you can see, Radar and I take very seriously the Sabbath as a day of rest! I rested from blogging and Radar slept about 22 hours. That's not to say that we didn't do anything (we went strolling and we danced and we got to know Fanny a little better), just that Radar slept through most of it.
Today however, we are back to work. Both Radar and I have doctor's appointments and I have to go to the birth registry department to register the "male infant of Christena Pazos" as one Rafael Darwin Pazos, born December 16, 2008! Somehow I thought that happened automatically... I guess that I better not let that nasty Pazos procratisnation bug take hold on this one.
We'll also pop into Doctor's Hospital to drop a gift off for all the wonderful nurses and staff who helped bring Radar safely into my arms! Hopefully the midwife who spent all day with me (Elaine) and some of the other nurses who helped me so much in those painful and groggy post-op hours will be there so that I can grab some pictures to post.
More later.
Titi and Radar

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pazos clan getting ready for Radar's 1st Christmas!!


40 years and still too dumb to listen...

Ok, so if Radar is anything like his mom, he is going to be a serious "I know MOM!" eye roller when it comes to me telling him anything. See, I'm 40 and still think I know better. I actually thought that I'd be tougher than labor pains... that I wouldn't cave in and beg for drugs... Wrong! In fact, pretty much everything every experienced mother has told me has come true in these first four days with Radar, despite my somehow thinking that I would be different. My lesson for today after spending all night rocking Radar, trying to get him to stop crying... "you'll be more tired than you've ever been in your life."

Fine! You win! I'm trashed... exhausted... and as punishment for my high and mighty attitude, I am posting a picture my mom took of me shortly after I finally crashed for a short nap this morning. It is NOT a flattering picture, but I've got to learn my lesson.
No matter though, I'm still over the moon, so I'm willing to admit that I'm not so smart now. Thank you to all the moms who have given me tips and advice... I am going to make a serious effort to listen to each of you with a slightly more open mind.



Friday, December 19, 2008

There was never any doubt!

Just one last quick post for this Friday night... it has to do with my BOY'S first bath at home!

Although I knew at 11 weeks and two days that Radar was a boy (since I had a diagnostic chromosomal test done and the last set of chromosomes came back XY!), every ultrasound from early on also revealed his secret pretty clearly. Here's some pictures from my sweet BOY's first bath at home today... see if you can figure out why there was never any doubt!!!


Titi and Radar

Tia Lali's visit

Who is Tia Lali?

We’ll start with that to lead into the story of how she got to the Bahamas…
Lali is my wonderful, beautiful, fun and loving 24 year old half sister. She is also smart… for her undergraduate studies she double majored in math and chemistry, with a minor in physics. Earlier this year she applied to seven top level graduate schools where she wanted to pursue her post-graduate doctorate in physical chemistry. She applied to U Penn, U Chicago, Michigan, Illinois, Johns Hopkins, Cornell and Wisconsin. She was accepted into all of them!!! She just wrapped up her first quarter at University of Chicago and is well on her way to proving that she is the most smartest, accomplishest of all the Pazos (except Radar who has mastered breastfeeding at two days of age… no one can top that!)

And yet this same brilliant star has sometimes shown an oft seen side effect of geniuses… yes, that’s right… airheadedness! A couple of years ago our cousin Sara was getting married in Venezuela, so Lali and I decided to head down to join in the fun! Using my multitude of frequent flyer miles, I got us First Class tickets for the trip. This was planned months in advance. Lali bought the dresses we would wear and up until the morning of departure, all was going extremely smoothly. I had arranged with Lali to pick me up at my Mom’s house in the morning so that we could head to the airport together. Knowing that she likes to sleep in, I called early to make sure she was up and packed… she was. So I waited for her to show up. And I waited. And the designated time passed. And I got nervous. So I called to make sure she was on her way. What I got was our brother Eduardo on the phone with a screaming, cursing Lali in the background. Turns out that although we were departing in 3 hours from Miami, Lali’s passport was in Maryland!

Hey, it’s a mistake anyone can make… ONCE!

So, although we were expecting to see Lali early on Wednesday morning (a 9:00am arrival time), it wasn’t until I spoke with Stefan (her designated airport chauffer service) at some time after 9 that I learned that a "logistical" problem had caused Lali to miss her flight… it couldn’t be… so I called Lali directly and so as not to pick on her too much, I might point out that this time there were two major differences. First, although her flight was scheduled to take off from Miami, her passport was in CHICAGO, not in Maryland. Second, when Lali called to change her flight, she was informed by the airline that she had never actually purchased the ticket! See! Totally different! Fool her once shame on you. Fool her twice… um… fool won’t get fooled again? Isn’t that how the expression goes.

Sorry for the long post – the end is a happy one though because Tia Lali is here (after some overnight Fedexing and last minute ticket purchasing) and she’s making these first days with Radar so much more special!

We love you Tia Lali,

Titi and Radar

And the winner is...


Lali will be creating a custom made "Under the Radar" ceramic beer stein by Lali designs!

Congratulations Uncle Stefan

Well, we passed 2008 and there's no e-mail in Radar's inbox. I'll wait to see what happens. Lali has contemplated all day about what to make the winner. She has decided on a new line of ceramics...

"Under the Radar" ceramicas by Lali designs

Since it is a "line", I guess that means that there may be other opportunities for important contests in the near future.

I'll have the other Lali post up after a bit of a catnap.

Titi and Radar


I looked this morning and saw that I have had 1958 hits on the blog since kicking it off just a few weeks ago. Considering it's really just some friends, family and Tia Sara checking in 30 times a day, that's not too bad for my new little celebrity!

So, Lali, also very impressed and eager to promote her new perfect nephew has offered to make a hand made prize for whoever can prove that they are hit #2008 (or the closest number over 2008). You need to send a screen print of the dolphin counter showing the 2008 to and Lali will get to work on her craft.

For those who don't know Lali's talents in making hand made gifts, she's fabulous. Perhaps I could ask my cousin Marco to elaborate on the intrinsic value that a Lali gift holds...

I'm feeling pretty sane today after more sleep than I've had in days... and since the topic is Lali, I'll post the Lali getting to the Bahamas story some time today.

Big hugs,
Titi and Radar

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Portpartum meltdown!

Ok, so it's probably pretty clear from the last post that we made it home from the hospital (being that even in the Bahamas they have anally restrictive rules about "no pugs in the hospital"). So I was going to blog about the first meeting...

In addition to that, Tia Lali arrived this afternoon so I was going to blog some pretty funny stuff about Tia Lali's "self infllicted" difficulties in getting to here...

I was even going to get sentimental... I was going to first show proof positive that Radar actually does have eyes (since in every picture up until now he has chosen to keep the lids down)... then I was going to tell you how I hold him, just staring at his face in utter awe that I played any part in making something so perfect and beautiful... that I almost cry every time I look at him because I am totally consumed by love...

Oh boy did I have plans to entertain those of you who are still checking in...

But then at about 6:30pm my mood started to abruptly change... I started to feel annoyed with everyone except Radar... and not just annoyed, but super deep angry annoyed... with my mom... with Lali... with the pug (ok, so for me to be annoyed with my mom might not surprise everyone, but for those who know me best, me being annoyed with Lali and the pug is a leading indicator of a total collapse). In addition to the uber angry annoyed feeling, my incision was hurting and my feet were puffing up into marshmallows. Then the eruption. My mom was offering to prepare my meds for me and she suggested an idea that was perfectly reasonable... so I blew up! I started to cry uncontrollably. Then she made the mistake of trying to be nice and console me (what was she thinking)... I was crying convulsively and that was hurting my incision even more.

So the intervention team forced some antibiotics on me and took over baby duties for 2 to 3 hours after escorting me to the bedroom for a desperately needed nap. Before drifting off to sleep though, I sobbed in bed convulsively for a good half hour and started to have irrational thoughts about a blood clot that was going to go to my heart and kill me right there in bed. There are no pictures to show of this collapse since anyone who might have tried to take a picture of me at the time would be risking life and limb.

I've be awake again for more than 2 hours now and seem to have regained control... It was a first and although I hope it was a last, I just thought I'd warn you that there seems to be a pretty scary postpartum monster lurking just beneath the surface!!

Love and apologies to Mom, Lali and most especially, the pug,

Nothing but background noise.... Poor, poor pug!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The first 24

Well, in the last 24 hours, outside life for Radar just got started and life for me just got a million times better and a million times busier! I'm one finger typing because my gorgeous little man is currently occupying my left arm, but I'll try to post this as close to Radar's 1 day birthday as possible! (8:37pm)

During his first full day of lung breathing, Radar pooped three times, peed a few times, started to get the hang of this tricky eating challenge, slept bunches, excercised his lungs and met a bunch of new family and friends. With some luck, his next 24 will take him to his home where he'll get to meet his furry sibling.

Now the new mommy is going to try to catch a quick nap before our next go at the whole feeding frenzy.

Love to all and thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Titi & Radar

Good morning!

Radar just wanted to say a quick good morning and to thank everyone for following his crazy day yesterday. This morning we're trying to figure out this breakfast thing, but Radar keeps pointing out that my boob is bigger than his head and that I, mommy, have no idea what I'm doing. We're looking forward to all sorts of guests today and once we're all bathed, dressed and dapper, we'll try to get some better pictures to post.

More later.


Titi & Radar