Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Confessions of the screaming boob!

WARNING: This post contains TMI (too much information) for men or others who aren't interested in the graphic details of breastfeeding.

I have not been totally forthcoming about Radar's eating habits because I feel inadequate as a mother. I always intended to breastfeed because I know that it is absolutely the best thing for Radar. But when we were in the hospital, Radar never latched on to my boob. The second night, one of the nurses said she was going to give radar a tablespoon of formula just to make sure he was getting enough calories. I insisted that I not be given any pain meds that cause drowsiness and that I be woken up to feed him whenever he was hungry. No formula! But he never latched. I had to squeeze my boob into his mouth. When we got home, same thing. For the first 4 to 5 days I was squeezing my boob into Radar's mouth and he wasn't latching... and he was screaming a lot.

Finally on the fifth day, I thought he had to be starving so I pumped and gave him 2 oz from the bottle... he gobbled down every molecule! I kept trying to breastfeed, but also kept pumping. Radar got used to the bottle and started growing. For a couple of weeks I gave up trying to breastfeed because the ritual was a little depressing for me. I would bring Radar's little mouth to my nipple and he would scream and rub his face all over my boob until his little face was covered with milk – but he would never latch. He just screamed at my boob!!! And I read that if they don't learn from the get go, that it gets progressively harder to get babies to latch on. Yes, Radar was only eating breast milk, so I knew I was at least doing that for Radar, but I couldn't help but feel a little sad and inadequate and therefore I didn't really mention it here!

Then Obama became president! And last night Radar, out of the blue, just latched on and ate away... he did it again later in the night, this morning and this afternoon! I can't say that there is a cause and effect relationship between Obama and Radar finally breastfeeding at 5 weeks of age, but hey, why not!

On another note, my little pirate still hasn't smiled on day 13 of Smile Watch! He is five weeks and one day old now, so I really, really hope it will happen soon...

Lastly, I should have some pretty exciting news by noon or so tomorrow, so please check back!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS – if you've been talking about Radar, maybe that could explain why his ear is ringing!!


Anonymous said...

Obama/Breast-feeding link? I think you've finally lost it (your mind that is)!

Pirate Barry

Laura Steenwyk said...

Breastfeeding is not easy, don't be so hard on yourself!! Babies can take a while to figure it out (they never tell you that though). Good for you for hanging tough.

Jenna said...

Dont worry about the breastfeeding, people get so upset by it all. At 7 weeks, Logan only weighed 7 pounds (he was 6.6 at birth) They told me to give him formula, I did the crying stopped. So Logan was formula/breastfed from 7 weeks on. He nursed for 31 months. And if he only had forumla he would still be just as happy and healthy-that is what matters- we too had problems with latching. Breastfeeding is so much harder than people tell you! Glad he is getting it!

Cousin Laurie said...

I didn't get the breastfeeding thing totally right until number 3. It is truly something that each child does at it's own pace and there is no right or wrong way to get them to do it. Lessa did it, but not effectively. I gave it up at 5 months when my mother-in-law informed me I was starving her (she was 90% percentile...I was young and I wanted her off my back - my mother-in-law that is!). Alec was a snacker, so after 6 weeks I said shine it. I got tired of feeding him every 15 minutes (and he STILL eats the same as an adult!). Alyse, my third was the only one who - together - we got it right. Mainly because I decided I was not inadequate, she was not starving and babies cry for lots of reasons. All three were eventually mixed fed too (Especially Alec)- breast and formula. So don't worry about that aspect either.

So I want you and Radar to hang in there! He's getting it and you're a great mom!