Friday, January 2, 2009

Feast or famine

First, an update on the cat attack... we started the day by going to the walk in clinic to get treated for our cat injuries (my dad had cat scratches and I had cat bites). Now, despite that fact that usually cat bites are far worse than scratches, I was actually faring better than dad. We had to wait over two hours to see the doctor and when she looked at his hand she said, "Oh, that's not good!" Not really what you want to hear from your doctor.

Anyway, we both had tetanus shots, I got a big shot of antibiotics in my rear end and dad got a week's worth of antibiotics to take. Despite the swelling and general unpleasantness of our injuries, it looks like we'll both survive. And just to address a concern raised by a couple of people... Aids can not be transmitted from cat to human!

As for feast or famine (this is meant metaphorically since Radar is very Pazos-like when it comes to his appetite)... it seems that Radar is on a feast or famine alternating day schedule. Take a day like yesterday, which was famine - no peace, no sleep, lots of crying. Days like yesterday make me feel like I'm doing everything wrong and that Radar is going to grow up into a rebellious monster child and teenager who blames his mother for everything. Then last night Radar let me sleep for over 6 hours and today he has been perfect - feast! Lots of peace, lots of sleep, almost no crying! Days like today make me feel like this whole parenting thing is a piece of cake and Radar is going to grow up into the sweetest, kindest, best behaved child in the world who loves his Mommy! I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle.

"Um, Mommy... I'm not sure how to tell you this, but I need another diaper change!"

Ok. Strike that silly talk about a monster child. Look at my perfect sweet boy... of course he'll always be this sweet!

Lots of love,

Titi & Radar


The Science Pundit said...

You only got bit: dad has the cat scratch fever!

And little Darwin is the best nephew in the world!

TaraMac said...

Amazing how just looking at pictures of sleeping newborns can stir those maternal urges...

Dardo said...

Look at Radar's biceps! Has he been hitting the gym?

Bill Moss said...

Good morning Titi and the Pazos family on holiday. Happy New Year! What are you guys doing to the
Glad to know that everyone is OK. The little one is really adorable ya know. Especially in Papa's arms!

Lali said...

Radar is so amazingly beautiful! How do you stand it?

This Mulligo situation isn't so good! Not at all good. Daddy's scratches don't look so good and I assume your bite isn't too pretty either.

I think I know the solution! Send Radar to live with his fantastic aunt! That way he will be away from the cat.

Sounds solid huh?
I guess you could also send the cat. But I am going to insist you don't send both because that wouldn't solve anything!

:) Just putting it out there, again!

So much love, its mind boggling!

Cousin Laurie said...

What a beautiful boy. Enjoy every moment! I remember holding my Youngest, knowing she was my last child thinking I want to hold on to every moment forever. She's 9 now, and I try and remember that moment when I realize how big she's getting!

I wish I had done that more with my other two. Take the days slowly and savor every moment.

Marco said...

Lali, your cat / baby solution is simple genius! Boy do I feel silly about all those crazy cat training theories! Titi: add cat psychology to the list of nonsense to not take advice from me on.