Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Habit forming

Some years back I took a Franklin Covey one day seminar on time management and organization skills. Needless to say, had the course been graded, I would have coasted through with a big fat F! Organization and time management are NOT my strengths. But one line does stick out in my memory... it takes 21 days to form a habit. The idea was that if you applied the techniques recommended in the course for 21 days, it would become habit and you'd be able to stick to it. I remember my friend and colleague Enrique Goossen commenting to me that he was not going to do the techniques for the next 21 days and then it would be a habit not to do them... I guess I followed his philosophy.

All kidding aside, I think there is something to this 21 day habit forming theory. See, Radar is three weeks old today (Happy 3 week birthday my sweet darling son!) That's 21 days I've had to form new habits and I've got a bunch of them... for example, I am now in the habit of...

1.celebrating baby burps and farts because I know they bring relief!
2.changing diapers 5 to 10 times a day (and not being in the least grossed out when I get poop on my hands),
3.managing to survive on 5 or 6 broken hours of sleep a day,
4.waking up at every baby peep to make sure everything is ok,
5.bouncing and singing at all hours of the day and night,
6.giving Radar a baby bath,
7.washing and folding baby clothes,
8.kissing the top of Radar's head at least a hundred times a day,
9.lugging my camera everywhere just in case there's a photo op,
10.blogging about my baby boy,
11.loving being a mom to my wonderful son, AND
12.holding hands with the best looking guy on the planet!

So you see, it does take 21 days to form a habit and none of these are habits that I'm in any hurry to break (except maybe the no sleeping one). Has anyone else formed any habits lately?

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lori said...

Hello Radar,
My new habit is writing to your wonderful mommy. She has become the highlight of my day. Reading your mommy's blog about how much she loves you makes me smile and feel so happy for the two of you. The two of you were meant for each other.

My habit of writing to your mom and anxiously awaiting her reply is one habit I hope to continue for many years. It was a much easier habit to form within 21 days then getting myself back on the treadmill!

Much love to you and your mommy,

Dardo said...

My new habit is also checking RadarLove08.BlogSpot.com a few times a day. Flying to Nassau tomorrow, and I will find it difficult to keep myself from checking it while there as well.

Tia Sara said...

I've already informed you that I became addicted to your blog in the 21 days prior to Radar's birth. I've been trying to cut down, but as you know the Pazos are not known for their will power. Anyway, as habits go, this one is pretty benign. Love you both...
Tia Sara

Cousin Laurie said...

I took look forward to Radar's blog as well! Alyse even asked me the other day, who was the baby I kept reading about. There was only a small hint of jealousy in the question!

And although I have not given birth to something so fantastic in 9 years, I too have a small one at home. She's 3 months old and a Jack Russell/Lab mix. It's like having a baby all over again; one that eats, sleeps, poops and has done the projectile vomiting all over the back seat of the car!

Ilove the picture of Radar holding your finger. I think that is one of the most awsome pics I have seen in a while. Baby photography should be your sideline...
Hugs to you, baby and pug (can't forget the pug - can we?)