Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Tio Javier

Blogger Update: It looks like Blogger fixed whatever was wrong earlier that caused problems with the upload of pictures. So I'll try it again... __________________________________________

We would have posted this earlier today, but Radar has either been sleeping, crying or eating every minute and that doesn't make for the best birthday party pictures. Anyway, this is the best we could do!

Although Radar hasn't yet met his Tio Javier, I read all of Javier's comments to Radar and he very much appreciates all the well deserved compliments. If things go as planned, we'll make a trip up to Philadelphia in February to meet Tio Javier and then there will just be Tio Miggles (Tio Dardo comes tomorrow and Tia Lali was already here).

So for today, we'll just wish Tio Javier a very happy 43rd birthday by blowing a breast-milk breath kiss to him on a Bahama breeze!

Have a great day Javier! Dad and I will call you later.

Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Tio Javier doesn't see any pictures.


Angela,Miggles, barack said...

beautifull picture of Rafael, with the Green BOw....
Happy Birthday Javier. This is your lucky year.

Congrats to, Rafita, Americanito.

besos para Abuelito too.

Tia Sara said...

Wow Javier.... 43? You are making Tia Sara feel old. Happy Bday. By the way I can only see one of the pictures also. I'll try later from home; my work has a very strict firewall.

Lali said...

I can see all the pictures and they are so cute! Happy Bday Javier! I will be calling you right after posting this.
I have been back in Chicago since Monday night and it has been very hectic! Good, bad and ugly! But, I am very glad to be back.

I love Radar so much!

Hugs, Pugs, love,

Lori said...

Dear Christena,
Is it your brother's birthday today? It is my mom's birthday too. I just got done sending her pictures of the children for her birthday through a Hallmark card email service. Radar looks adorable all wrapped up! Radar really has proven to be a gift to this world! Beautiful!!!!!
Much Love as always,

Anonymous said...

Radar is looking so cute and his hand writting is not bad for an almost month old baby :-)

Love Rafa