Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How do you celebrate?

Q: How do you celebrate the worst 6 weeks of your life?

A: You sit on an alien.

Q: How do you celebrate the first 6 weeks of your life?

A: You eat.

Q: How do you celebreate the best 6 weeks of your life?

A: Easy - you laugh!!!

Happy 6 week birthday my gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!! I love you more every second of every day!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

The little monkey is laughing!

Anonymous said...

You know, don't you that he has been holding that in for weeks...enjoying your obsession.... till he just couldn't hold it any longer!


Dardo said...

Fanny looks like a puppy int eat picture.

Wendy said...

Are you registered anywhere? Nate, Isaiah and I would like to get something for Radar. I like your posts, especially about the "to do" list. Welcome to our world! It is great isn't it? Love Wendy

Wendy said...

Radar is super cute! I love the bow-tie and suspenders. He looks like his mom!

Channel Swimmer said...

I LOVE the 1st picture! Fanny looks like she is trying to one up Radar. Poor pug!!

P.S. - I got a radar detector for christmas. I wonder if it would beep around your baby??

aNGELA said...

Rafael (rafita) no se sonrie,,,,SE RIE A CARCAJADAS,, JAJAAJAAA

Lali said...

You are the luckiest person in the world. You have a beyond perfect baby that LAUGHS! Can you video tape his sweet giggles and post it? Please! I loved his crying video so I am guessing that a laughing one would be good too!

Plus you have a pug cherry on top. Wow! Poor Fanny, she has been demoted to a cherry (in my analogy). I bet it would be tasty though.

Btw, I really liked Tia Lali Day. Thanks!

Love, Lali

Jenna said...

Oh how I miss those milky stares will nursing!! Radar is a very sweet boy!Happy 6 weeks!

Anonymous said...

It took a while to stop laughing after seeing the picture and comment of Fantango sitting on Radar. Love, Rafa