Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy's back...

As an update on my baby's big head... we went back to the photo place and did some head shrinking. Like the Science Pundit mentioned, it's sort of stupid to require pictures for infants since they change so much from week to week... In fact, the picture we took today looks completely different from the big head picture that was rejected. But hey - bureaucrats will be bureaucrats!

We were out on the town for a good 3 to 4 hours today and Radar met a milestone that I'm not proud to brag about... he visited his first McDonald's! It was a matter of convenience and not something I plan to make a habit of - I promise.

And then later, the Mommy that so many of you know re-emerged... even Fantango's ears perked up when she saw me back in action... yep - that's right - Mommy had a beer and played dominos! It was the first beer (or any alcohol) that I've had since December 31, 2007! Thank you Tara for the reassurance that the booze is quickly metabolized and barely passes through to my milk... just to be sure though, I pumped 4 bottles of milk beforehand just to be sure that Radar has the option to stay sober (I'd really rather he not start drinking until he's at least a month old!)

As to SMILE WATCH Day #6 - everyone around me is torturing and teasing me. Whenever someone is with Radar away from my eyes, I hear, "Oh my God... he smiled at me!" Cruel, cruel, cruel!! I have threatened to kill anyone who gets a smile before Mommy does and Eduardo's response was, "it would be worth it." Grrrrr.... Anyway, I do think a smile is just around the corner. Radar smiles in his sleep and he loves making eye contact and looking around. I hope when it does happen that I'll be able to get a picture.

Here's my big headed, non-smiling, goofy face making, beautiful baby boy just a few minutes ago!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

:-) :-) :-) :-0 No no no, that's wrong! :-) :-) :-) :-)

TaraMac said...

Metabolized!! That's the word that my fuzzy mommy brain wouldn't think of when I wrote that...

I have a friend who is an OB nurse (her bubby is an OB). She told me that she saw her MIL's discharge orders after one of her births. Her doc actually told her to have a bit of wine or beer whenever she nursed to help her relax and to help her milk flow. Every time! So she (my friend) pointed if that's what this woman did and her son still ended as a doctor, having an occasional glass of wine should be no problem! I still timed it...and the having the extra bottle of pumped milk is always good, too...just in case.

Jenna said...

I remmebr my first drink, it was July 4 after Logan was born. That one beer made me so tipsy!!! I cant belive how much I could drink before I had Logan!!!