Saturday, January 17, 2009

My name is Radar and I'm punk... or is that pug

Radar is about to get his 4000th hit on the blog. He's a pretty popular little dude!

Too soon you think?

Just having some fun with pictures today. Abuelo Tribi and Angela leave today... then we're on our own tonight and Abuela (Meme) comes back tomorrow! She hasn't seen Radar in over three weeks - boy is she going to see some changes.

Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

Your mother reminds you-don't look for the involuntary "smile" while he sleeps. Look at the eyes. Radums is 3 minutes from a real smile. Meme Abuela

The Science Pundit said...

I'm beginning to like the mohawk.

Anonymous said...

The Rafael picture with the mohawk,,, is one of our favorites..Angela took the so cute,,, we miss him, already.
Thanks Titi for the Hospitality,, etc. we had a GOOD TIME IN BAHAMAS ,, WITH:
you,,,Baby,,Fanny, Eduardo,Cleo,and Jose.....
besos,,,,love you
Abuelito, Tribi and Angela

Angela said...


I miss you alot,,,
the firs ting I see this morning, when I weak up---was the picture of you in my night table....... love you,,,