Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preaching from the Baby Pulpit

Today Radar is embarking on his first act of raising public awareness through his blog. This came about with no anticipation and as a result of an amusing story we received by e-mail yesterday.

You remember that Angela (my Dad's wife) came to visit a couple of weeks back and she fell in love with Radar (as would anyone because he's a real charmer!) On her return to West Virginia, she went out to celebrate with some friends and across the street from the restaurant was a dog track... so she and her friends popped in and low and behold, guess who was racing?

So naturally, she placed a bet on Radar and won $7! When she first recounted the story, my first reaction was, “cool, Radar won!” But then Fanny reminded me that this household is morally opposed to Greyhound racing. So how can we relay this story without bringing attention to the plight of Fantango's fast, gentle, long legged brethren?

As repentance, we went to the Humane Society's site this morning and made a donation of $77.77 in honor of Radar the dog and we are including the above links about Greyhound racing on the blog in order to make sure that all of our readers know that dog racing ain't for the dogs! (I also happen to be a member of the HSUS and always make an annual donation, but it's usually only $50 so this still means something).

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS – Incidentally, Angela also sent me a recent picture of her snow pug that I'm posting here. For my friends who are card carrying members of the vast right wing conspiracy, you'll especially appreciate his name... it's Barack!!


The Science Pundit said...

Barack is so cute covered in snow! Maybe he can race the Iditerod--unless Fanny is morally opposed to that too?

But seriously, Barack has grown into a handsome little pug.

Tia Sara said...

How about that! A snowy snow pug!

TaraMac said...

In spite of the name, he looks like a very nice little pug. :)


Your VRWC card carrying friend who only admits to such in the safety of cyberspace...