Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet 16!!!

Today is a very, very, very special day!

First, everybody got a good night sleep last night...

Second, Grandma is leaving, so Radar wanted to get dressed up to say a proper goodbye.

Third and most importantly... RADAR SMILED TODAY!!!!

It is day 16 of Smile Watch and although I couldn't really catch any of his smiles on camera, he definitely smiled a bunch of times after he had his bath and got all gussied up! Then we went for a walk and things got a little serious again, but hey, no need to overdo the smile thing so soon.

I hope in the coming days that we'll have some better pictures of the sweetest smile I've ever seen! Thank you happy, beautiful boy!

Titi and Radar

PS - Hey guys, it's Saturday... kick back, put your feet up and take an afternoon nap! There's nothing better!


The Science Pundit said...

Smiles for everyone!

Lali said...


marymartha said...

Happy New Year, everybody!

What did you finally decide to do about Mulligan? I haven't noticed anything since the scratch/bite pix.

Luca hates his crib, too. During the day, we let him sleep in the stroller, and he has no problem sleeping in that. But try to put him in the crib, and he lets out one solid shriek that turns into rage and then escalates from there.

My methods with the last too were great for me, but most people give me horrified looks when I try to share what worked for me.

The first months I would sleep the baby either in the portable baby bed or in his infant carrier.If he woke up during the night I'd take him into bed with me to feed him, but then move him to one of the above.

The portable crib was small and cozy, and the baby felt cuddled in it. The carrier was even better, because it was more molded to his body.

However, I never had a good experience with a crib. None of mine liked to sleep in them. They are too isolating, cold, and flat.

And once the baby gets bigger, he can no longer sleep safely in a carrier.

Then, finally, for the last two I found what worked for me. I baby-proofed the baby's room and put a very thick spread on the floor and a few tempting toys by the baby, and on the floor he'd go. If he woke up during the night, I'd plug in a bottle, and good night.

Of course, if you have the chance of a creepy crawler sharing the floor with the baby, I would seek an alternative method.

The babies would be so happy with the freedom of not being confined to a playpen, etc. that they would play a little and then fall fast asleep.

Music helps too. There are certain recordings that are designed to put babies to sleep.

I remember that Viviana had music on all night long with little Vivi.

When my babies would protest about being moved from my arms to their sleeping arrangements, I would croon to them and that would get them back to sleep.

Anyway, if you can find a softer mattress that cuddles the baby and not the "healthful" hard, flat, plastic-covered mattress that baby beds typically have, I am sure Radar will sleep better.


Tia Mary Martha