Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's Abuela?


As for Smile Watch, we're on Day #11 and I have a very serious little boy! He just isn't ready to smile yet. But it's too soon for me to get really sullen about it, so we'll just keep hoping that tomorrow brings a gummy grin!

We thought we were going to spend the day today with Abuela, but her flight was cancelled due to a damaged plane... frankly, unless "Sully", the US Airways pilot who landed on the Hudson, is available, I'm glad they cancelled the flight! So instead, we watched pre-inauguration coverage on tv. We watched the end of the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and when they sang the patriotic songs at the end of the concert, I cried like an idiot! I, like so many other Americans, am feeling really hopeful about the future and it's good to feel that way when the importance of "future" is so much different and deeper with Radar!

Well, now we're just an hour or so off from going to finally pick up Grandma (she was rebooked on another flight, another airline, another airport... very convenient!)

Lots of love,

Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

sew sarruss!

Tia Sara said...

I won! Yay! Now for my prize. I will do the babysitting when you come to Washington / Frederick but I also want that button with the longhorn that Radar wore in the restaurant. You know how I feel about bulls... and this way I can think of Radar everytime I see it.
How long is abuela staying in Nassau? Tio Andy and I are going to Miami tomorrow. (Yes we are leaving from Washington National Airpor (I refuse to call it Reagan) on inauguration day!) I'll let you know how and if we get to the airport.
Tia Sara

Anonymous said...

Me too! I watched Pete age 90..and Springstein...sing This Land Is Your Land...and thought " What is this strange feeling I am having"? Then I realized..its PATRIOTISM!!