Sunday, February 15, 2009


Any guess where we were this morning? Hint... it was Sunday morning. No? Well, believe it or not (and those who know me won't), we went to Sunday mass! Yes, I voluntarily sought out and attended Catholic mass. And truth be told, even though it was a bit on the long side (nearly two hours), it was a really nice experience. For anyone who's been to a Baptist mass you know that they go on and on, but they are fun! Well, my whole life experience with Catholic masses is that they are generally pretty boring and hinge totally on how interesting the homily is... not so today. This was a Catholic mass laced with a flare of the Baptist! During the very lively homily there were cries of "Praise Jesus." And the whole two hours were consumed with music and singing... we sang everything and it all had a lively beat which kept Radar very happy and asleep! The Peace exchange was also a hoot. Nearly everyone in the church left their pews and made the rounds - it was total chaos and we must have hugged, kissed and shook hands with at least 50 people.

So it is that we are joining the St. Joseph's Parish. And if there are many white members, that certainly wasn't obvious today. In a church filled to bursting I saw one other white woman! Which of course is totally awesome because it is my firm belief that blacks, and Bahamians in particular, do worship right and make it so much more fun. Now, for those who know me and know what a terrible heathen I am, you might ask what has put me back on the path to righteousness? As you might have guessed, it is simply that I want to get Radar baptized Catholic and in order to do so, I gotta have a church.

Well, that's that for today's post even though following mass we went to the zoo which I had never visited despite living here 4 years (that makes two birds with one stone since I'd also never been to mass here). The pink flamingos are loose and I was able to roll Radar right into a flock that was just hanging out... and why then do I not post a picture of something so crazy cute? Well, despite the fact that I followed my new ritual of taking my camera everywhere, it seems that the pesky thing doesn't take pictures if the battery is still in the charger which is still plugged into the wall back home. Oh well... next time!

Good night and God Bless!!!
Titi and Radar

PS - I have been meaning to follow up on an anonymous question that was posted after the post on Radar's doctor's appointment. The questioner asked for additional statistics on Radar (in addition to his weight). I can only assume that the person posting the question remained anonymous because of the sensitive nature of Radar's giant head! Well, the stats look like this:

At birth:

Hght; 20 1/4 inches (at avg)
Wght; 7 lbs (at avg)
Head Circumf; 13 1/2 inches (a hair over avg)

At 2 mos:

Hght; 22 1/2 inches (a hair under avg)
Wght; 10 lbs 12 oz (a hair under avg)
Head Circumf; 16 1/2 inches (many hairs over avg)

You read that right... my baby's head has grown more than his body! We can only hope that this is on account of his giant brain!!!! Not to worry baby boy... Mommy loves your giant head!!! Actually, Radar falls well within the normal average range for babies his age, but when compared to that very middle average line his height and weight are just under and the head is indeed over. Good boy!

PSS - Since the battery is now back in the camera, here's a quick good night to all from the boy in blue!


Lali said...

I love Radar's giant head! I think it is fantastic that you are joining a black church. They always seemed a lot funner in the movies. But I have very very little experience in white churches and less in black ones... Any way, love you and Radar! Have to get back to grading lab reports and studying for my midterm! Btw, I have a new computer with skype w/ a webcam! Get any ideas?

Angela said...

bUT Rafael,,,enjoy the music there, @ church. Good for HIm.

PD.. today Antonio And Andres come from Blasksburg.. yea,,

Chaile said...

It sounds like you both had a very enjoyable Sunday.