Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't know when we'll be back again...

Ok, I confess that I'm quite the John Denver fan and one of the songs that I sing to Radar when we dance is “Leaving on a Jet Plane.” So soon we'll put those words to action. Radar is armed with the doctor's ok and his passport, and now a reservation to sit on my lap!! At the ripe old age of two months, my little boy will be riding 5 different airplane legs, visiting 4 US States and meeting many of his family members and blog followers for the first time.
Rather than bore you with the details of our trip, I'll just give you an overview with some highlights! On our 10 day trip to South Florida, Maryland, Philadelphia and Maine, Radar will meet two of his uncles and his great-grandmother for the first time! He'll also have his first professional photo shoot done and will accept whatever hand-me-downs from his northern cousins that will keep him toasty as we make our way to the great state of Maine. And speaking of Maine, via breast milk, Radar will have his first taste of a juicy Maine lobster... yum!

We'll be gone from February 17th through March 1st and although I'll be blogging on the road, I don't think it will be every day... or maybe it will – I've really gotten hooked on updating those who care to check on my darling little boy.

Now for a favor... for those of you that have traveled with infants (especially through airports, on planes and through multiple temperature zones), I would really appreciate any tips that you can throw my way. I have traveled aplenty in the past, but when I pack for myself, I usually do it at the last minute and I don't much care if I forget stuff. The mere thought of packing effectively for the two of us has led to a confused jumble in my head and I'm afraid I may be the lady on the plane that everyone smirks at and says under their breath, “she's got no idea what she's doing!”
Oh, and once again.... HAPPY DARWIN DAY!!!

Lots of Love,
Titi and Radar


Dardo said...

Happy Darwin Day! Please let me know when you are arriving in Miami, when you are leaving, when you are coming back through, and when you are leving again.

The Science Pundit said...

Tio Javier is soooo excited!


Sara said...

I took Luca to Italy when he was about 3 months old and before the trip I was so nervous about what to bring for him, how he would adapt, etc. I needn't have worried. He was an angel. The problems start when they are mobile (like he is now) and they want to run all over the place! The best tip I got was to put him to the breast when taking off and landing because this relieves the air pressure. Make sure you bring an extra shirt for you on the plane. I didn't do this and Luca burped all over me and so I was smelly for an entire 11 hour plane ride. Put on something comfortable for the baby that's easy to change because it can be a challenge to change him in the airplane bathroom. Don't worry too much, because at his age he'll adapt pretty well, as long he's with mommy, near the breast and comfy. Have a great trip!

Marco said...

I concur with Sara on the feeding while taking off and landing to relieve pressure. Bottle or Boob work. I would say don't try to change him in the aero-potty, it doesn't work. On my trips the stewardesses let me duck into their little alcove to change X (on the floor, but at least its private). Or if you can get a bank of seats to yourself. A stash of plastic grocery bags to seal up diapers or separate poopy / spitupy clothes are generally nice when you travel. Remember your camera and extra batteries. What ever blankies and long sleeves you have until I can get you the warm clothing. Really babies are quite portable and any supplies you might need are cheaper here than in the bahamas. Happy trails, see you soon!

Tia Sara said...

Use all the perks the airlines might still be giving you. Let them sit you ahead of time and put away all your stuff. When travelling back to the states when Marco was 2 months and Carlo was 2 years old, the airline took pity on me and helped me pass through customs in a flash. Of course that was almost 40 years ago..not sure if it still works. An umbrella stroller that packs up small can be a help if you can't find good samaritans along the way.
Really looking forward to meeting
Tia Sara

Andy said...

How exciting!! Titi when are you going to be in Maryland? I might be able to drive up to meet the little criature =)

Shannon said...

So, since Addyson and I will also be leaving on a jet plane for our first adventure to see family here are some of the tips I have learned thus far. If you have an infant carrier (baby bjorne or something similar) it is nice to carry baby around in airport and on the plane. Although they make you take the baby out of them for take off and landing. You can bring an umbrella stroller as a carry on but a big graco stroller has to be checked on at the gate. The stoller is nice from what I hear to carry baby and or all your stuff (i.e. diaper bag). If your taking long flights a car seat is supposedly nice. If there are empty seats available they will let you bring on a car seat, if not, you can check the seat on at the gate. To help them relieve pressure in their ears, nurse them or give them a binkie at take off and landing. Some people also say to give them a little infant tylenol to help them sleep. Not sure if im gonna do that but some people say it helped. a nutshell, thats what I have learned. Have fun, Good Luck and I cant wait to compare stories! Love you guys!

Channel Swimmer said...

At security clearance, you are not supposed to leave you baby in his carrier when you put it on the conveyer belt. I was once behind a woman who tried to Xray her baby along with her carry-ons and she was reprimanded.