Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From beach to bar...

Well, as you can see from yesterday's very short post, Radar made it to the beach and enjoyed some shirtless, well shaded beach time. It was a short but wonderful visit. Today was somewhat less exotic with a trip to the bar to join in a small get together that was wishing Claudio a safe trip home (he leaves tomorrow... sniff, sniff...)

Tomorrow afternoon is Radar's doctor's appointment and we'll see who wins the big prizes. The competition is stiff... there are about 14 guesses so far and many are bunched up together so it might be a real hairline finish!

And tomorrow I'll have some news about our plans for Radar's first whirlwind aventure that will start on February 17th. Even if some of you guessers don't win the Darwin Awards... pardon me, I mean the Darwin prizes, you'll win a much greater Darwin prize when you get to meet Rafael Darwin in person. On his adventure he'll be meeting many of his blog followers face to cute little munchkin face for the first time. But more on that tomorrow. We'll bid you all good night for now.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - As you can see from the pics, I had a beer tonight. My plan was to feed Radar some milk I pumped earlier when we got home from the bar. As planned, when we got home I got the bottle out and put it in the bottle warmer. I quickly changed Radar and realized that Fanny hadn't been out. So I packed up Radar again and we all went for a stroll. Since it's a breezy night Fanny took her good old time in finding just the right place to pee. While we were still out, Radar started screaming because he was hungry, so we hustled back (with me cursing at the pug under my breath because she wanted to sniff every blade of grass as Radar's screams reached opera pitch). But when I walked in the door I realized that the milk was still in the warmer (which apparently if left on for 20 minutes is actually a mega-heater)! The milk was scalding and I knew there was no waiting until it cooled down to satisfy my screaming boy's hunger. So, to make this long PS short, Radar drank my beer milk right from the boob! But it was only one beer and an hour and half had passed so he shouldn't be too drunk. Ooopps! Please don't tell family services....

PSS - Ok, so even though it was my plan to try to go to sleep now, this is what is beside me right now... a flailing, decided unsleepy little man... oh well, I guess the night isn't quite over!


Lali said...

:) I love you guys.. Radar is old enough for a beer.

The Science Pundit said...

He already has the "Pazos domino player" temperament; it's about time he learns everything else that goes with being a Pazos!