Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day!!!

Poor Rafael Darwin started off his Darwin Day in pretty rough shape. As often happens after immunizations, my poor little monkey was cranky and didn't feel well. I was cradling him to my chest at just after 1am and when I kissed his head I knew that he was also running a fever. So out came the thermometer and sure enough he had a low grade fever of just under 100. I broke out the Infants' Tylenol drops and then gave him a few extra droppers of cold water which he really seemed to like. He spent most of the next three hours right there on my chest with mommy gently patting his back. Who would have thought that a little boo boo like this could cause such a yicky night...

But he's feeling better now and his fever is gone. This is Radar next to me as I write this.

I'll blog again later but wanted to wish everyone a happy Darwin Day. For those that don't know the "origin"al Darwin so well, here's an article from today's New York Times Op-Ed which I thought was a nice piece on this exceptional man!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar
PS - Maybe it's because I'm old, but I'm really amused that blog and google are now verbs! Can anyone think of other new verbs that would amuse an old lady like myself?


Cousin Laurie said...

All of my kids had reactions to shots. Lessa would just sleep and sleep, Alec would get the fever part and be miserable, Alyse would get the sore spot. We would take them for car rides to help put them to sleep if one series was particularly bad for them. Even our puppy has had the same reactions.

Hugs to Radar and his mommy.

The Science Pundit said...

I'm in the middle of writing my Darwin Day post and I actually quoted a paragraph from that Olivia Judson piece. Great minds think alike!

Get better little R. Darwin!

~Tio Javier

Angela said...

Hope litle Rafael,, feeling better soon.. poor Baby.
hug and kises,

Marco said...

I too am on the miserably sick side today, so I empathize with poor little Rafaelito Darwin. I sure hope he feels better soon.

Dardo said...

Titi, verbing weirds language.

Also, to use Twitter is now being refered to as "tweeting" (at least by Rachel Maddow). I've also heard MySpace and FaceBook used as transitive verbs, meaning to add someone to your profile.