Thursday, February 5, 2009

Insurance woes...

Getting ready for bed last night... before the grumpy night and day started...

Thank you to all of my commenters who alliterated so beautifully on yesterday's post!! And I'm glad you enjoyed a little lighthearted listerine laughter.

Well, today was not one of Radar's good days... it seems that Radar is a tempermental little gentleman. One day he's happy and the next he's a grump. But he rarely has two grumpy days in a row, so that's not so bad, is it? I guess it must be fluctuations in my diet... or maybe his grumpy days tire him out so that he gets a good night's sleep, leading to a good day. Whatever - the good news is that if this relative trend continues, then tomorrow will be a good day and who wouldn't rather have a good Friday than Thursday! Here's Claudio taking lunch duty today.

But today's post is about insurance. For anyone who thought that insurance crap stops at the US shoreline, let me assure you that this is not the case! I have US insurance because my thought has always been that if I need medical attention, I prefer to get it in the States. But now that Radar has arrived, it makes sense to have a policy here because outside of something terrible, he'll be going to the doctor here regularly. So I talked to some friends with kids and settled on British American which offers individual health insurance plans through Generali. I applied. I got a physical. I went to the office three times. I paid the first month's premium. Piece of cake, right?

Well, today I spoke with the agent who has been helping me and with her most sincere apologies, she explained that as of February 1, Generali has stopped issueing individual policies! Just like that... "Sorry. Go somewhere else!"

So today I had to pack up my very grumpy baby and head down to the Colina Imperial office to start the application process over. It's a more expensive plan with less coverage, so isn't that charming! I have to go for another physical because the company requires their own nurse's evaluation.

Now, to be clear - I DO have health insurance for me and Radar, but it's US insurance and in order to use it here, I have to prepay and submit a claim to my US insurer which only covers 50 or 60% because it's out of network. And since I'm totally disorganized, I never submit the claim forms. Oh what fun!

The only good thing that came out of the day is that because I had to go out and because it was cold today, I got to break out a new outfit! My friend Melissa from Boston sent Radar this cute little organic cotton, warm outfit. So even if Radar wasn't feeling well, he was at least looking good and isn't that what really matters!?!?!

Lots of love,

Titi and Grumpy (aka Radar)


The Science Pundit said...

"it seems that Radar is a tempermental little gentleman."

He'll fit right in once he learns how to play dominoes!

Anonymous said...

He does look cozy and warm. A nice warm outfit comes in handy....even at the beach! He looks so cute!
Love Melissa