Saturday, February 14, 2009

My naked Valentine

Will you be my Valentine Radar?

Radar started off the day as the sweetest, smiling and perfectly charming boy seen in the video! It didn't last, but the best things in life aren't meant to last too long or you don't appreciate them as much. Right?

As for yesterday, our absence was not on account of anything dramatic as suggested by the Science Pundit. I just thought that as a highly superstitious guy who believes in all sorts of spirits, he would make a superb substitute poster for Friday the 13th. The only form of an excuse that I can give is that we were really busy and I was practice mourning... Practice mourning because the next time the calendar strikes Friday the 13th it will mean that I have to go back to work! Yes, I'll be returning to work on Monday, March 16th.... but banish that thought for now.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions for travel. I feel less intimidated today on account of your suggestions and reassurances. I'll try to relax and enjoy this first experience traveling with Radar instead of stressing about it!

The first picture below is Radar at just after 1pm after a couple of hours of bad moodiness and you can see his eyes following one of the Teddy bears on the mobile (catch the bear shadow). The Valentine's picture was taken at 6pm after his bath and the card to his left is his first Valentine from his abuela. What do these have in common with his good mood from this morning? He's naked! It has warmed up over the last week and Radar has made his preference known... he prefers au naturel. And if it were up to him he'd go with the full monty, but as that has proven to be somewhat messy, we typically opt for the modified diaper clad buff.

So Happy Valentine's Day from me, Fanny, Mulligan, Mum mum (abuela) and our favorite naked little Valentine... Radar!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

And so they threw rose petals to welcome the beautiful child.

Shannon said...

He is soo precious!! Happy first Valentines day Radar!! Love Addyson

Shannon said...

i showed Addyson Radars video and she sat and laughed and smiled with him. It was soo cute!!!

Angela,, Abuelito,,,Mime.Barack said...

feliz Dia de San Valentin.. Rafael, luce divino en rojo,,

Besitos para los dos.