Monday, February 16, 2009

Pug therapy

I'm worried... worried about the pug. Today is Radar's 2 month birthday which means that I have been home full time for two whole months. Although the pug has had to make an enormous adjustment to life with the alien, she has had the benefit of me being around full time to help her transition to this new life. And now that she has adjusted and has begun to take a real interest in and liking to the alien, I have pulled the rug from under her pug paws!

Just a little while ago we dropped the pug off with her second family, the Williamsons. Don't get me wrong, they spoil her good! She jumps all over their furniture, sleeps in bed with Cherell (her favorite human next to me) and she is able to manipulate the whole family into feeding her too much. But she has just been through a giant upheavel and to rock the boat now... well I think she might think that I've decided to give her away!

So we spent the day today trying to ease the blow. First we all went back to Goodfellow Farms where Fanny enjoyed time with the big dogs (that's what she calls horses). Then when we sent her off, I left her with the throw that Radar has slept on for the last few nights... it has his scent and his spit up on it, so I thought maybe if Fanny could smell the alien that it would help. And lastly, Nurse (that's what Fanny calls my mom) made her a home made doggy stew that should last for most of the time I'm gone. Hopefully with these proactive measures the pug won't spend too much time punishing the Williamsons (ie, peeing and pooping inside). We're not professionals, but we're hoping that our pug therapy will make a difference. Poor pug!

So now it's off to bed on this, Radar's two month birthday. I can't believe it's already been two months and I can't believe that it's only been two months. Tomorrow we leave for what Dardo has dubbed RWT (the Radar world tour) and despite all my talk about preparing, I haven't made a list or started packing. I am indeed an old dog and am having some trouble learning new tricks.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a snapshot of my mom (Mum-mum) with Radar. She says that I spoil him by always running to his every cry. Well, you know how I mentioned that Radar likes to play it naked? Here's a picture of my mom risking her clothes and hands in order to give my little boy exactly what he wants! I always strap on a diaper before picking him up... so who is spoiling my monkey?

Catch you on the road...

Lots of love,

Titi and Radar


Lali said...

Happy two month B-day Radar!!!! I hope the pug will be ok! I am concerned for her! The blankie was a good idea. Have a midterm tomorrow so...
Bye bye!
Love explosion!

Anonymous said...

Happy two month Birthday little Rafa! I look forward to meeting you Friday. Sorry Fannie couldn't make it too, we'll miss you. We promise to drink and toast the pug.

Happy travels... Marco

Angela said...

Happy 2 Month,,, RAFITA ,,,
fantango, is in good hands,
see you boths friday..have a nice trip.