Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Radar World Tour - Day 1

Well, Radar is now officially international! As modern day travel would have it, Radar's first flight ever was delayed for an hour and 15 minutes. As for the flight itself, I had been pretty concerned about the pressure changes on take off and landing... well, he was a total trooper and took both ascent and descent in stride! Take a look at Radar as we reached cruising altitude.

Then to add some spice to the flight, once we were happily at cruising altitude and the pressure was stable... the bloody murder, inconsolable screaming started! Try explaining that to me. Incidentally, how old are kids when they go a whole day without crying - or at least screaming?

But all in all I'd say that Radar's first leg of the trip was pretty successful. We're now settled in at my mom's house (Radar got naked and happy right away) and we were even able to grab a quick dinner at ihop (Radar's first visit to this fine dining establishment).

The only glitch that we've run into so far is that mommy (that would be me) somehow forgot her wallet... so, no driver's license, no credit cards... this presents a pretty serious logistical problem since part of our trip entails me renting a car! I'm trying to figure out how to organize a search, rescue and fedex from Nassau to one of my pit stops along the road. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm a terrible packer, but this is ridiculous... I mean I usually just forget my underwear or toothbrush. Stupid mommy!

It's been a long day so I'm going to sign off and wish everyone a good night.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - That third picture of Radar on the plane is my new favorite picture!

PSS - I thought some of you dog people would appreciate this video... you know what happens when a dog has a bone and someone tries to take it? Well...


The Science Pundit said...

Don't worry Mommy, Tia Lali still holds the record.

Lori said...

My dog, Rocky, is very happy you shared that video because I have always claimed he was the dumbest dog ever. I stand corrected and offer Rocky my sincerest apologies.

I like Radar picture #2.

Channel Swimmer said...

I hope you stop at da mamas house! I left some pactus for Radar there that are of extreme importance.

Lizzie said...

Very pleased to meet you and Radar! I have been reading your blog and it is great, have had a few laughs! You deserve a medal taking a two month old baby travelling, when I had the twins I didn't get out of my P.J'S for six months I was so disorganised! So do you know Jenna from Seattle or have you just met through the wonderful world of blogging? Radar is just gorgeous, what a happy smiley baby he is, makes me all broody again!

Marco said...

Well, you did at least remember your passports, which can serve as ID. Javier is right this time, you've got nothing on Lali.

Marco said...

Just so you know, Frederick is having its restaurent week, so Carlo will be working doubles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday he has the day off, and was hoping to cook at fancy dinner for you and whatever fan club is still around (as he will probably not be waking until noon). Just thought I'd throw that out there

Tia Sara said...

How nice that the sisters share more than beauty and brains....
Can't wait to see you guys on friday...Besos
Tia Sara

Lizzie said...

So impressed your Mum has made it to NZ, it is a long way from where you all live! John's family is from Ireland, I think the Irish have settled all over the world!
When the twins were 15 months old we went to Fiji, and on the way back home, Georgie screamed for 3 hours solid! yes it was torturous, but I can look back now and laugh, even though I wasn't in good humour at the time! Oh, I love that John Denver song as well. Happy travels and I look forward to your next installment!

Anonymous said...

Hey Christena!

If your travels happen to go through Boston, let me know! I'd love to hold that beautiful baby boy!


TaraMac said...

Hey Christena, you brave, brave woman!!

The crying lessens over time, but my kids went a LONG TIME before they had a day without at least one good cry! I'm talking...9 months??? Alex is still pretty volatile at 7 months, but much better than the beginning! The screaming has stopped. Phew!

AND...if the urge to visit the brown, barren wasteland that OHIO currently is, my door is always open!!!!