Saturday, February 28, 2009

Radar World Tour - Day 11; Final day!!

Ok, so even with all the traveling I've done over the last many years, it is very unusual for me to make a 12 day trip - that's a long time to be away from home, sleeping in different beds every night and living out of a suitcase. So how could I expect Radar, at just two months of age, to make this long trek without getting seriously "over it!" On our way down to Portland today, we made our final visit. And even though Sandi and Lori have loyally followed his blog and showered him with gifts and me with advice, Radar declared that he would not smile for the freakin' camera anymore! Sandi and Lori would just have to settle for funny faces.

Then to add insult to injury, when we got to Portland and chose a lunch spot, we dragged him out of his sleep to pose with some older girl named Keiley (2 weeks older) - she was cute, but Radar was seriously ticked off. (Radar isn't really that much shorter... the calm, cute girly was standing on straight legs while Radar was squirming on bent legs)

It wasn't until we settled into our booth that things were smoothed over. In fact, Radar's mood improved to the point that he agreed to teach Tio Javier some of his new moves - Tio Javier was a fast learner.

Now we're settled in to our final night in a foreign bed before catching a 7:30am flight tomorrow. If everything goes well (and I'm sure it won't), we should be touching down in Nassau tomorrow around 2pm. That means that the next time we blog, we'll be back home... Yes, home sweet home, here we come!!!

Radar, you have been the best travel companion I've ever had. Rest up sweet boy... we're almost home where I'm sure that Fanny is desperately missing her favorite alien!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - For the easily amused, like me... Marco and Frank let me borrow their GPS for the trip. It hasn't been updated with new software for a few years, so on our way to Grammy's we noticed that at one point when we were driving on a new road, the GPS showed us driving through a field. So this morning it occurred to me that it wouldn't have the new bridge programmed either. So if the new bridge was far enough away from the old bridge, it should show us driving over water! We are the blue arrow... he, he, he...

PSS - Sandi gave us a couple of things (a gift and a memento) that will be featured in a blog in the very near future. Thank you Sandi and Lori for the snacks, gifts, magazines and "other items"! It was really great to see you both and to share Radar with you for a little while.


Anonymous said...

We loved seeing you and having some time to I said, your Mom is my oldest friend so you are like family. Radar did well in his Elm Street photo shoot...I did my Yertle The Turtle immitation and almost got a smile.....

Anonymous said...

What is that strange lady doing to my little grandson? Yertle the Turtle indeed. More like TRex, I posit. A former redhead should show more compassion to a blossoming, if not carrot top, then a rust top. Good work Lori-no purple petit person there with you.

Jenna said...

we hope your trip home is a peaceful one!