Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Radar World Tour - day 2

Radar's communication skills are changing every day with new coos, squeaks and peeps. It is so, so cute! Then there are the blood curdling screams that he's perfected. These are not so cute and I think I would be running to the doctor with fear if it weren't that Radar turns these on and off like a switch. He's screaming like a tortured monkey one moment, then he is distracted by some movement or color or light and he stops and looks over... even smiles! And today was a day to practice this talent multiple times. Mum-mum and I are exhausted! Radar is exhausted!

But even with all that, we were able to get out and run a bunch of errands and do some shopping. The highlight was our trip to Barnes & Noble (my oh my, how I miss B&N in the Bahamas)... they had "Where the Wild Things Are" on a 40% off sale and Mum-mum bought it for Radar. I remember loving those crazy wild characters when I was a kid and that was just a few years after the book was first published (1963). I just love those books, stories and characters that are timeless!

Of course I couldn't escape from buying my little boy something... so I settled on this silly looking rabbit, just because.

Tomorrow will be a more exciting day with a professional photo shoot in the morning and dinner with soon to be Godmother Gail! We can't wait so we're going to sleep now to make the time pass more quickly.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Angela.Mrs Monk said...

See you Tomorrow Night in Washington DC... we celebrate, with Tio Andy..SARA.. mARCO,,fRANK,LITLE X,,Angela,,Miguel,,tio Tribi,Barack,,etc,,

Rafael, is sososo happy.when he looks at Airplane window...

Marco said...

Maurice Sendak has several WONDERFUL other books like chicken soup with rice, Pierre (as in I don't care said Pierre) and A- Aligators All Around. Ebay is sometimes a good source for children's books, although they certainly don't have the ambiance of B&N. I also thought the airplane photo's were very cute. I liked the shadowy profile with MumMum.

Later Aligators... Marco