Saturday, February 21, 2009

Radar World Tour - day 5; The Snot Cottage

I'll begin today's post by touching on the last part of yesterday. We touched down in DC sometime around 8:30pm and were received in the airport by two babysitters... pardon me, by Tia Marco and Tio Frank who brought baby car seat and assorted warmies for Radar. As you can see, Radar was far more interested in the car seat cover than in meeting his tia and tio. So be it.

We then headed to Tia Babysitter... oops... Tia Sara's where a feast awaited!

Although everyone enjoyed the main course, the really delicious part came when desert was served.
Yes, we had a Radar salad. Yum!!!

We then finally made our way to Marco & Frank's Washington Cottage for a midnight bedtime.

As we made the 45 minute drive back to the cottage in the car with Tia Marco and primo Xavier (Frank and Marco's 3 year old), I noticed that the two of them were wheezing and coughing and snotting the whole way. "Past the contagious stage," she assured me.

This is Xavier (aka "X"... if you look close you can see some snot on his cutie pie face).

Welcome to this morning... I saw Abuelito Tribi first who kindly backed away from me and Radar saying that he's got a cold, "or something." Tio Miguel is on his way over - he spent the night at Tia Sara's because the Benedryl he had taken for his cold and allergies had knocked him out. Oh, and meet Sharon (Frank's sister) and her 7 month old Conrad, both who just finished their round of antibiotics and are also "not contageous." So in a house packing 12 people, 6 are snotty.

Conrad, sleeping like a congested prince!

And this morning both Radar and I sneezed. Let's hope it's just the dry air - fingers and toes crossed!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - To ensure that Radar doesn't forget poor Fantango, Barack Mojito made the journey from West Virginia... he's snotty too, but I don't think it's contageous!


The Science Pundit said...

Barack Mojito is sooooooo handsome!!!

And little Radar is soooooo beautiful!!

But what's with the baby eating? Are you people ... *gasp* ... atheists?????

Marco said...

Thank you Javier, for confirming that athiests do indeed eat babies. I always thought so. No this was black Catholic baby eating... a.k.a. the good kind. Also, you'll be pleased to know when Heather and the cousins came over form down the street, that was another 2 snotting and 2 not. Our ratio remained intact.