Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Radar World Tour - Day 9; Down East

Can someone explain to me again why they call this frigid northern place "Down East" when it seems a lot more like "North Pole"? Anyway, that is where we are tonight - Down East in Maine! More on that in a moment.

We started the day at the Pavone's house in Philadelphia. We came downstairs around 7:45am or so to find Joe sipping some coffee and I realized that I had left a bag in the car with some things I needed. I didn't see the car key so I asked Joe and he said he had just started the car to warm it up a bit so it wouldn't be so cold. Good enough. We went about our business of breakfast, coffee, bathing and packing and were ready to go at 9:45am just when Amparo was getting back home - she had slipped out of work to come say goodbye...what a sweetie! Well, as I was about to load the suitcase into the car, I looked and didn't see the car key. "Amparo, where do you guys put the car keys? I can't find mine?" "Oh honey," she replied, "the car is in the driveway heating up!"

So, after a mere two hours of idling with the heat blasting, the car had indeed warmed up! Excellent use of gasoline! Al Gore would be very proud of me!!

Ok... our trip... Our flight to Portland was totally uneventful - left on time, smooth ride, excellent baby! We rented our mini-van and made our way from Portland to Bucksport without a glitch. Then we checked into the hotel, headed over to Grammy's, paid a quick visit and made our way back to the hotel for the night (Javier is staying with Grammy, but her old house does not have heating upstairs and I think Radar is a bit young to do the freezing attic gig just yet).

Here we are, ready to retire and I didn't get any pictures! So I drew back the curtain here in the hotel room and bingo! Beautiful view of the new Penobscot Narrow's bridge and Fort Knox... so out came the camera and with the first shot... oops, forgot to put it in night mode and the flash caught the amateur's reflection in the window.

This is the bridge... the blurs on the water are floating ice chunks being carried by the current - since it takes about 8 seconds to capture the night image, the motion of the ice blurs.

The last is Fort Knox. I'll grab these shots again first thing in the morning in all their glory, but even at night it's not a bad view.

Good night now from Down East!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - Since this is Radar's first hotel stay, I thought I'd also get a couple of shots. First is the sweet lady in the lobby who offered to hold Radar as I checked in and the second is my baby crapped out on the king after a long day of traveling.


Lizzie said...

That is the biggest bed I have ever seen!!!!! Do they do anything on a small scale in America!! Ice chunks in the river, my god it must be cold, can't imagine what that must be like! Give me warm weather any day! It is great to see your travels going so well, am looking forward to the morning shots. I get to see America from my office in NZ!

Dardo said...

To be fair, the bed looks so very large partly due to how very small Radar is.

Tia Sara said...

Where are the pictures of Grammy with her great grandson? I had expectations you know......