Friday, February 27, 2009

RWT - Day 11; Pax huic dómui...

Well, our last full day with Grammy in Maine was a full one. Since it seems that we missed all chances to photograph Radar's first (or second or third) snowfall, we just had to do something about it. So we went with the modified snow angel, despite Lori's warning that it could not be done!!!

We also got some extra shots of Radar with his great-Grammy. Then as Javier gave Radar a tour of the house, he also introduced him to his great-Grandpa, Darwin.

We also got to visit with Grammy's wonderful neighbor, Jacqui, who has been a loyal blog follower since the beginning. Her other wonderful neighbor, Connie, came by to take some pictures and has promised to send them - so hopefully soon we'll have some group shots to post.

But without a doubt, the highlight of our day was lobster! We have a bit of a ritual that some might find somewhat irreverent and others (such as members of Peta) might find downright immoral. We go and pick out some juicy looking lobsters...

When we get them back to the house, we heat up the lobster pot and as one of us plunges each lobster to his or her steamy death, Grammy recites last rites;

"Pax huic dómui et ómnibus habitántibus in ea"
(bless this house and everyone in it)

Then we sit down to our favorite Maine treat. Radar can't crack the shells just yet, but he got his taste a little bit later when he had lobster boob for a late afternoon snack!

Tomorrow we grab an early start and make our last "blog followers" visit before heading down to Portland. So we'll bid everyone a good night from a very blustery Bucksport!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Frank said...

I feel like I should have been their to give last rites.

The Reverend, Frank (That's not Kosher)Goldfield

Cousin Laurie said...

I remember when we went back when Alec was 2 and eating the wonderful lobster. Your Grammy went and got us 2 - yes 2 a piece! I thought I was in hog heaven! We made the mistake of showing Alec one of them and he freaked. Needless to say his binky was prominent throughout the rest of the meal. To this day he does not like sea food, so I think we ruined him for life. Lessa on the other hand was a lobster girl - and still is, so something good did come of it!