Thursday, February 19, 2009

RWT day 3 - The reluctant model

Let's start off with some good news...

Yes, a Fedex arrived this morning with my wallet. So I'm armed with my driver's license and all my credit cards to rent cars and shop to my little heart's delight! Hurray - crisis averted and for the bargain price of $37~!!

Now, that was the good news, so it follows that there must be bad news. Actually, I wouldn't really call it bad news, but I would caution anyone that taking a two month old for a photo shoot may not yield the results you are hoping for. I took a number of outfits and had some clever ideas. We spent three hours at Dominique's (she's the photographer). It went something like this:

- take sweet baby to Dominique's... "awwww... he's such a good baby!"
- dress baby in first outfit for first shoot... orneriness starts.
- try to pose baby in studio... screaming starts.
- bounce, rock, sing to baby until he calms down.
- try to pose baby... screaming restarts.
- nurse baby to calm him down.
- try to pose baby... screaming restarts and intensifies. (repeat for an hour and a half)
- take off baby's clothes and let baby take a half hour nap.
- change diaper and sigh with relief that baby is finally smiling.
- put baby back in his outfit and try to pose baby... screaming starts again!
- strip baby naked and do some nude shots in mommy's arms.
- reschedule to try again tomorrow.

So, after 3 hours we got maybe 2 or 3 usable shots. We started at 10am today, so we're going to try for 8am tomorrow in hopes that getting an earlier start will satisfy our very reluctant model!

We'll see...

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - We enjoyed a quick dinner with soon to be Godmother Gail. I am sorry to report to the Channel Swimmer that da mama forgot to bring da pactus!

PSS - Marco, I'll see you tomorrow at Dulles - so looking forward to it!!! I'm hoping you guys have a baby car seat to bring along since I'm not bringing one. I'll call tomorrow to confirm.

11:00pm UPDATE

I just had to post this update. I just got up a little while ago to get a drink of water and Radar remained sound asleep beside me. When I got back to the bed and drank my water, I noticed that there was a big wet spot next to me. "Did I spill my water?" I asked myself. I felt Radar and his little night sack was all wet. I felt his little bottom and the shape was that of a baby bottom, not a diaper. "He must have kicked off his diaper," I giggled to myself. So I unzipped the night sack and no diaper!

So, to summarize... After I gave Radar a bath tonight, I simply forgot to put a diaper on him! I guess I lucked out that he only peed. Good job Mommy. And now, once again, Good night to all.


Marco said...

I'm glad you mentioned this car seat thing before we got to the airport. No problem what-so-ever I'll have Frank install it this evening.

Mom told me about this trick that family in Jugo uses, where there is a third person waving a chicken around (live not meat) behind the photographer to make the baby laugh. Needless to day that you yourself can't be the chicken waver as you will need to be jiggling, changing and feeding the baby.

Happy hunting! I'll see you tommorrow night.

Cousin Laurie said...

We had that same problem with Alyse, she was about 6 weeks though. I had to go to the otherside of the studio so the pictures could be taken. I was told that when you are separated from the baby in a situation they don't understand, they seek you out by smelling your breast. When they can't locate the comforting odor (sorry - only word I could think of - scent might be better...) they freak.

It should have been better by the time you held him for the other shots, but by then he may have been so mad about the other he decided tough on the pics!

Not like it will help any, but it might help explain his cranky behavior.

Oh yeah, in the end they got like 3 really good shots. It was a lot of work though. They are still my favorite's to this day!

Anonymous said...

What the F(&^#$^#$...all about traveling the world...and
I am bored to death!!!!
Uncle Stefan came by today with his friend Joe to look at boat dock improvements, but other than that I miss Fantango (not to much the alien).
PS: Uncle Jose is supposed to stop by these days to give me some fish....