Friday, February 13, 2009

Something awfully susperstitious is going on here.

Something seems to have gone terribly wrong. It's 9PM Eastern and no Radar Love post has appeared yet. The last time I filled in for Radar's Mom was when she was in the hospital giving birth. What could possibly be causing it this time? Could it be excessive fatigue from seemingly endless Darwin Day celebrations yesterday? No, that can't be it. Surely everyone would have recovered by now. It must be something else. But what could it be?

Clearly this calls for The Science Pundit to step up and investigate. I promise you that I'll get to the bottom of this! Let's see, what day is today? Hmmmm.....

AHA!!! It's Friday the 13th! Obviously little Radar engaged in some unlucky activities which prevented a normal post from going up today. That has to be the explanation! But what specifically could it be?

Did a black cat cross Radar's path?

Or perhaps he went under a ladder?

We may never know. I only wish we had some photographs--that might help solve this mystery.


Radar's Mom said...

Thank you Science Pundit for filling in! We will give the true explanation as to our mysterious absense in our post today!

Abuela said...

I am a witness that the cat was involved, although it was not a black cat!

The Science Pundit said...

I see.

Anonymous said...

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