Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ain't it good to be back home again

Yes it is! And once again, my sweet boy did his mama proud! On both flights today, Radar was perfect... he didn't cry at all. He slept part of the time and looked around, curious and smiling, at other times. The second flight was especially gratifying since it was the longer flight and there were babies and kids all around us, crying and screaming. When we landed, the guy next to me asked me what Radar's name was..."Rafael," I replied. "Well," said the man, "I would travel next to you on any flight Rafael. You are an excellent baby!" Overhearing this, a number of other people around us agreed and I just let all of it soak in. Way to go baby boy.

And ohhhhhh, wasn't it a sweet feeling to walk into our home where a very affectionate Mulligan awaited us. We immediately went upstairs and did what Radar hasn't been able to do in over a week... got him naked... can you tell he was happy about it?
Things started going downhill from there. Radar started getting fussy, so I plopped him on the boob, but when I looked down I noticed he wasn't really eating and he had serious "tired eye" which looks like this...

In these situations, what normally happens is that Radar doesn't really eat much, but the boob, eager to feed, squirts all over his face. Then Radar pitches a fit because he's tired and has milk in his eye!

Finally he craps out - it is now 7:30pm and this is what Radar has looked like for the past couple of hours.

I have no doubt that we'll both sleep like rocks tonight and tomorrow we'll resume our adventures... but this time on our home turf again!

Lots of Love,
Titi and Radar

PS - How many of you read through this post and thought, "where's the pug?" Not to worry - she is certainly not forgotten. I was thinking of trying to head out east to pick up the pug this evening, but when I talked to her foster family, it sounded like she was living it up so we put that off until tomorrow. She's got humans and kids doting all over her and despite all my worries that she would sink into a deep depression, it seems that the alien and I have been put to the back of her pug mind for the time being. But she is at the forefront of our thoughts and we'll certainly see her tomorrow. Plus, when we walked in the house, even though there was no pug, there where two new pug collars that Uncle Stefan left for his little sweetheart - they seem to be Christmas collars, but we're happy to celebrate Christmas in March! I guess we're not the only ones missing our chubby little princess... Thank you Uncle Stefan. We'll talk to you tomorrow as well.

Nite, nite to all!


The Science Pundit said...

Poor little nephew needs his rest after such a long trip.

TaraMac said...

It's soooo nice to go home!!

btw...I got the mug!! And Isabel loves her picture of the pug!!! Thanks!

Jenna said...

Im glad you made it home safe. The milk face just made me giggle, so sweet and so cute. Sleep well in your own bed!

Lizzie said...

There is nothing quite like home! Well done travelling Mummy, we loved reading about your adventures, also Radar was a star! You both deserve medals!

Cousin Laurie said...

I wasn't sure when you were heading home and saw the horrible snow that hit this morning! Nice to know you got out of there in time!

And what a good boy for you on the plane. He knew he was heading home to warmer weather!