Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alien injustice

First, I'm happy to report that despite his jetsetting all the way up the East Coast of the US for nearly 2 weeks and not sending so much as a postcard, Isabella and Radar are still a couple. And they seem to agree on more than ever. For example, this first picture shows them agreeing that Radar's Mom takes too many pictures!

Second, I thought it would be fun to try to compare some pictures from their first meeting on January 11 when neither was even a month old, with today when Radar is nearly 3 months old and Isabella is 2 1/2 months old. I couldn't get a great comparison, but it is pretty obvious that they've both grown and changed. Compare the first picture below with the one just above and then the 3rd and 4th picture with each other. The only thing that I can't be sure of is whether Radar or Isabella have caught up to where Omar was in the January picture... mind you, Omar is only 8 days older than Radar - we haven't seen Omar lately, but I may try to find him this week to see if he's been recruited by the NBA yet!

And finally, we went for about a 2 mile walk today. Obviously Isabella and Radar got free rides in their strollers while the rest of us had to walk. That might seem fair to all of you, but if you try to see it from a pug's point of view, it seems an awful lot like Alien Injustice! I mean, unlike we grown up humans, the pug isn't really that much bigger than the aliens, so why should she have to walk the whole way?

Anyway, with only about 1/2 mile left to go, the pug reached her tolerance limit and declared that justice must prevail! She would have preferred if the seats where reversed, but accepted this compromise deal for the rest of the way home. I guess the diaper bag will just have to find somewhere else to ride from now on!

Happy riding and lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Thank you all for your votes on Radar's photo shoot pictures! I agree with your votes and will be placing my order accordingly for some nice 8 x 10's. I'll also finally be printing out some birth announcement postcards using the picture of nude little Radar on his blankie, so for those of you whose addresses I have, be expecting that in the mail sometime in the near future (if I don't have your address and you'd like a little keepsake card, please e-mail me your address to the gmail account listed on the sidebar).


Abuela said...

Cnannel Swimmer, how much further proof do you need that Radar's Mom really doesn't need obedience school. She's busy flipping through catalogs, looking for a diaper backpack for walks, since Fanny now would claim her rightful place underneath the alien. And, yeah, I beat the Science Pundit.

The Science Pundit said...

Of course The Science Pundit had told Abuela ahead of time that he had to work tonight, so I cry foul!

I can definitely see the Not the camera again? in those little baby faces.

Lizzie said...

Can't believe that Omar is only 8 days older than Radar! Wow! The pug is very cute, maybe you could bring him over for a 'play date' with Polly, or I could fly her over there!

Lali said...

Oh my lordy! I love the pug in the diaper bag holder. It is fantastic.
Radar has grown so much. The couple is so cute! But this relationship is so heteronormative. :)

Loads of Love,

Lizzie said...

Really you have a bee shortage? I won't tell Paddy as honey is one of her favourite foods! If you ever in NZ we will take you to Bees Online, so you and Radar can see bees are alive and thriving in NZ!
I have to admit, I only look at all things pink, what am I going to do when they think pink is a heinous colour and only for babies?

Tia Sara said...

I love the crossed leg position. Marcela used to do that.
Tia Sara

Angela said...