Sunday, March 29, 2009

B is for Boy

B is the subject for this Sunday... why you ask? I'll give you the same answer I plan to give Radar once he gets old enough to question my orders... “Because!”

Actually, that's not really true. What got me thinking about “b” is “boring.” Here I am on any old Sunday trying to think about something to blog about and it's all boring, boring, boring. What did we do today? We got up, I showered, Radar talked, we went to mass, I made lunch, we walked Fantango, Radar napped, I washed the car, I did laundry... snoring yet?

My point is that life is boring to blog about right now. Don't get me wrong... I'm not bored. I am so freakin' easily entertained that I think it might be impossible to bore me in my real life. As an example, I had to figure out how to take the laundry and baby upstairs. So, I put the baby in the laundry basket and carried them both upstairs, laughing the whole way up.

And Radar's favorite place to be now is sitting on my lap and I can stare at the back of his head eternally and never get bored.

So I apologize that I have to bore you today, but boring is beautiful. There are a number of family blogs I follow regularly and many of them are anything but boring. They are families struggling through heart wrenching ordeals... kids with cancer or heart problems or chromosomal anomalies and I check in regularly, hoping to read good news.

I hope that I am blessed with boring forever. I hope that the biggest problems that I ever have to blog about are pesky immigration hassles or going to the mall with a dark shirt on and only noticing the huge wet boob stain when I get in the car to leave (that was yesterday.) I hope that most of you who read my blog do so casually... “I wonder what's going on on Radar Love. I haven't checked in for a few days.” That's my hope.

Yes, B is for “boring”, but it's also for “beautiful baby boy” and for me at least, B is for “bliss!”

Oh... and since we're at the end of my post, B will also be for “bye bye!”

Bundles of bunnies,
Titi and Radar

ps – We're heading to the airport in a couple of hours to pick up my dad's wife, Angela, who will be taking very excellent care of Radar this week! Thank you Angela for playing “Who's Your Nanny This Week Radar?”


Jenna said...

you all are far from boring!I love checking in with your family, you always make me remmeber to slow down and have fun! Thanks for sharing sweet Radar with all of us!

Lali said...

I agree that you are far from boring. But even if you were, I love boring. I love a lazy Sunday where you catch up on laundry. Plus, nothing about hanging with Radar can be boring, such as the back of his beautiful head. Anyhoo, you doing the "boring" means you can write about the letter "b" and other such fun things.

Love you, Love Radar, going back to studying,

Lizzie said...

Boring suits me!! I think once you have children, life is never the same again. We just have had two backpackers stay with us that our nephew Michael met while travelling around NZ, I felt tired just listening to their stories!
I will let you into as secret, I am in my P.J's every night the same time as my kids, how boring is that?! Sometimes I do get caught out when someone comes visiting after 6pm.
I love your blog, and reading your stories, bring it on!

ANGELA said...

B is for:


love... con Amor