Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend my your [eyes]!" Yes, today is the Ides of March, but don't worry... Brutus won't kill you today. Mommy, on the other hand, might dress you up in a white toga and some leaves to get some pictures!

Is there no depth to which I will not stoop for a picture of Radar or the pug? I guess only time will tell.

On another note, Mum-mum is back in town and she'll be playing nanny starting tomorrow when I head back to the office (deep and mournful moan). But hey, at least she brought some goodies to cheer me up - that's right, more customized Radar stuff. Drink coasters, a love bug Radar shirt and best of all, a surprise from Tio Javier. Is that not a wicked cool design? Rafael Darwin Rocks!!

And finally, I give you chapter 4 of Perry Potcake with a special guest appearance at the end by Daisy-doo, the Channel swimmer's own beloved North Carolina Potcake! Enjoy...

Chapter 4
The Fantastic Fur Fury & the Lord of the Fleas

Not long after my own transformation to Princess, Tripod Potcake and I decided that we would find a special gift for Fur-flea Potcake who seemed to be feeling very blue. We searched on the beach, but only found a broken shell. We searched in the dumpster, but only found an old shoe. We searched beneath the trees, but only found a rotten coconut.

As luck would have it, Perry Potcake happened to notice us as we were searching and asked what it was that we were searching for.

“Tripod and I are searching for a very special gift for Fur-flea Potcake who is feeling very blue,” I answered.

“Why is he blue?” asked Perry.

“It is the fleas,” I replied. “Fur-flea has so many fleas and he scratches so very much that he has scratched all of his fur off and now he has no fur.”

“That is very serious indeed,” replied Perry, “for when a Lord is blue, the whole world is blue.”

Just as Perry said this, a whole pack of Potcakes was walking by and overheard. “Fur-flea is not a Lord,” they laughed. “He is just a mangy, flea-bitten mongrel who has lost his fur!”

Perry slowly turned his head to the group in disbelief. “It can't be that you have not heard the tale of the Fantastic Fur Fury & the Lord of the Fleas?”

“No we have not!” they all answered at once.

“Then gather around my friends and I will tell you!”

See, a long, long time ago, when Nanny Crick made the very first Potcake, she didn't realize that instead of adding just one strand of her own hair, she had added 100 strands. So it wasn't just that her Potcake had a very long nose, but he was also covered with so much fur that no one could see that he was a dog at all!

Nanny Crick was terribly upset at herself and did what she could to make up for her mistake. Every morning she took her scissors and cut off all of her Potcake's fur. But in less than one hour all the fur would grow back and no one could see that underneath was a dog at all!

Nanny Crick's 10 grandchildren were also very upset and they did what they could to help. Each hour when the Potcake's fur grew back, each would take a turn with the scissors and cut all the fur off again. But the fur only grew back faster and faster and soon the house was so full of fur that it spilled from the windows and doors, and all that could be seen were the noses and eyes of Nanny Crick and her 10 grandchildren.

“Oh my, what a mess I have made!” declared Nanny Crick. She knew that if she didn't solve this Fantastic Fur Fury, all the Potcakes forever and ever would be so furry that no one would know they were dogs at all!

Nanny Crick sat down at her desk and she thought and thought and as she thought she scratched her head. “That's it!” and she waddled through the fur to her kitchen. She reached up in the cupboard to take out an old jar full of tiny black seeds that she could never get to grow. Then she pricked her finger, ever so slightly, and let just one drop of blood fall onto the seeds.

It was almost night and she asked the tallest of her 10 grandchildren to climb to the roof and place the jar exactly in the middle. When it was done, her 10 grandchildren and the ball of fur that was actually the Potcake tried to see the jar on the roof until Nanny Crick reminded them not to look, “because magic can't work when you look,” she said.

It happened at exactly midnight just at the moment when the North Star had climbed to the highest high point in the sky. As a shooting star flew past, the North Star snipped its tale and it fell and fell like a gleaming streamer down to earth. Then just above the jar, it disappeared in a flash!

And sure enough, when nobody was looking, the jar was twisted open from the inside and an army of fleas began to march out in two by two formation. They marched right to the Potcake and saluted for he was their Lord.

“We await your orders, Lord of the Fleas!” they all said together.

The Potcake then gave his order.

“Nibble my nose and nibble my toes,
Nibble my ear and nibble my rear,
Nibble me here and nibble me there,
Nibble where ever you see I have hair!”

And so the fleas nibbled and the Potcake began to scratch. With every scratch some of his fur began to come off until he had no fur at all. Nanny Crick and her 10 grandchildren and the Potcake rejoiced.

After that, all the Potcakes had their own army of fleas to control their fur, but never was a Potcake able to rule the fleas so well as to rid himself of all of his fur – not until today that is.

And that is how Perry Potcake told the story of the very first Lord of the Fleas and that is how Fur-Flea Potcake came to be known as the new Lord of the Fleas. After that day, he was never blue again and none of the other Potcakes ever laughed at him again.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Radar's going to be a Senator when he grows up since he looks great as a Roman Senator.

The Science Pundit said...

btw, that picture was GIMPed from the Archangel's Wikipedia page.

Angela said...

RAFAEL. happy 3 months old. 3/16
love you

Cousin Laurie said...

Okay my pup looks like a Potcake! She's a Jack Lab mix and the picture of the pup with the brown nose is so her! Maybe she is an import from the islands! That explains why she fits in with a Hawaiian family so easily!

Cool story. You must publish it somehow!

Lori said...

Radar looks so adorable in his toga and Fanny as well. Seems like there's someone missing from the family toga party though?

Awesome design Javier, Bravo!

Channel Swimmer said...

Now wait one minute!!! Daisydoo is very happy to be famous and to have her picture on the internet, but she wants me to make it clear that she does not a fleas! Daisy is Lady of sugar and tummy rubs and hot dog grease and everything nice, not Lord of the Fleas!!!!!!!!!!