Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chapter 6

In case you missed it, please check out the post from earlier today with Radar's Irish Jig!

Now for Chapter 6... only one more after this... with today's post I've included some pictures of real, genuine Bahamian Potcakes that I snapped on my way home from work today. The pictures aren't great, but hey, I was driving! Enjoy...

Chapter 6
Nanny Crick & the Grand Gentle Voyage

So it was that one by one, Perry Potcake helped us see that each of us was not a scruffy, scared, crippled or ugly Potcake, but rather a Princess or Prince, a Lord or Lady, a Noble Knight or Brave Squire.

As each new title was given, the crowd dwindled. For once a Prince or Duchess, a Potcake no longer needed to hear fancy tales of times long past. And one day, when I came to hear Perry's story, I was the only Potcake to show up. Yet Perry Potcake did not look sad or upset. If it is possible for a scruffy, cloudy eyed Potcake to smile, then I swear that is what I saw him do.

“Why do you smile Perry Potcake when no one has come to hear your story today?” I asked.

“It can't be that I never told you the story of Nanny Crick and the Grand Gentle Voyage,” he replied.

“No, you haven't told that one Perry.”

“Then come sit beside me, oh beautiful Princess of Potcake, and I shall tell you and you alone.”

So after Nanny Crick had used magic to fix all of the problems from her original recipe, everyone was very, very happy. As Nanny Crick had 10 grandchildren and there were 10 puppy Potcakes, all were quickly paired off. There was one puppy Potcake that seemed to be made especially for each of her grandchildren.

As the grandchildren grew to be adults, each took his or her Potcake when they made their own homes. And as each of the grandchildren had their own children, and each of the Potcakes had their own puppies, there was no longer any need for magic for everything was right and as it should be.

Many years had passed since the Battle at Magic Rock Mountain. Nanny Crick, Papa Potcake and his Princess lived very happily and grew old together. And finally one day came when Nanny Crick could only just get out of bed for a very short time, and Papa Potcake could only just sit up for a very short time, and his Princess could only just wag her tail for a very short time.

Nanny Crick knew that it was time to use her last bit of magic. So she called all of her 10 grandchildren and they called of their children and all of the Potcakes in all of Nassau to meet on the sand by the sea. So it was that on the most perfect day that Nassau had ever seen, the sun's brilliant rays warmed every heart and the soft sands soothed every foot and the deep blue sea calmed every worry.

And as Nanny Crick stood with her toes in the water with her two loyal and wonderful Potcakes by her side, she looked with such pleasure upon all of her 10 grandchildren and all of their children and all of the Potcakes in all of Nassau. For they held the magic that would send her and her two Potcakes on their final Grand Gentle Voyage. She asked everyone to turn around and not to look, “because magic can't work when you look,” she said.

It happened just then. Though the Sun had not yet set, the Moon rose early. And though it was not yet midnight, the North Star looked down from the highest high point in the sky. And even the gentle breeze and the shooting star stopped to look down. And then in a flash, they all disappeared. And when nobody was looking, so did Nanny Crick and her beloved Potcakes.

As Perry Potcake finished his story, I could see that he was very tired. “So you see,” he spoke softly, “there is no longer any need for stories for everything is right and as it should be. And soon it will be time for my own grand gentle voyage.”

(stay tuned for the final chapter tomorrow!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


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