Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dipping my toes in... and a big PS

As many commenters guessed, the answer to yesterday's charades game was Facebook! So, Jenna, sounds like it's time for you to join me in the 21st century and join Facebook. I haven't spent too much time on there yet, so there are some things I don't understand yet... like poking? I like to poke people, so I poked my uncle and asked him what the heck I was doing. He said he had no idea. But I guess it's easy enough to figure out stuff and so far I have about 25 friends... when I read my list of friends to my mom she got jealous and now wants me to set up an account for her. Javier? Dardo? Any other takers?

Today's big event was to go to the office for a couple of hours.

I guess going back to work wouldn't be so bad if my office looked like this every day. But I'll have to somehow make do with pictures instead of the real thing on a daily basis. When I logged onto my iMac, Radar started crying so I sat him in my lap. Obviously that made me want to take a picture and since the Apple has a built in camera, I snapped a couple. I happened to notice the last picture I took with the Apple before leaving for maternity leave. My oh my how time does fly!
Well, that's it for today. I'm throwing in the towel early today since this morning was an early one. Just two more weekdays before the big change and still no news on the nanny. Oh, and thank you Dardo for answering Charise's question - the reason I prefer a Latin American nanny as a opposed to a Bahamian nanny (which would also be wonderful) is that I'd like Radar hear Spanish spoken in the house every day for the first couple of years so that he learns Spanish and English together - no other reason, but a very important reason I think.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


After I finished this post, I was just chilling out watching the tv with Radar in his swing. He likes his swing and likes to look around or talk or do any of the other cute baby things he does. But today was different. Almost immediately after I put him in the swing, he started staring at one of the attached toys (the most he's done before is catch a glimpse of it then look somewhere else). He then purposefully reached out and started playing with it!!! This may not seem like a big deal, but he's never done anything like this before!! He played with it for 5 minutes so it was no accident. I immediately called my mom and she agreed... genius!!!

Anyway, just needed to share as a very proud mommy!!!


Jenna said...

I have been on facebook for some time now!:) Im glad you got with the program:)
You can find me at Jenna gerzsenye powell
What a great thing for Radar to have a spanish speaking nanny, children pick up so quickly espeically language.

TaraMac said...

Oh, I don't bother with the poking...I SUPERPOKE!! I threw Obama at you and sent you a beer using superpoke...did you get them???? No pumping required!!

The Science Pundit said...

Facebook?? What's next? Twitter???

Radar's Mom said...

Yes. Twitter is next!

Mrs, Monk said...

i wish,, a can take Rafael,,with me<, @ the Nautilus, for couple hours,,,, I'm the Babysitter there,,,

and he can learn Spanish too,,,

Anonymous said...

A southpaw??? Abuela

Cousin Laurie said...

Yes, you need to get your mom a facebook account. If it wasn't for Lessa, and my input in the background I wouldn't even have one. I am a convert and enjoy keeping in touch with people this way. Just beware of the fish!

Marco said...

Wow, that is a seriously intense left handed play by play of play. I too am very excited by this monumentous event! Have fun and learn lots little Radar