Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I finally did it!

Guess who we ran into on our walk to the beach today?
Who is that toddler you ask? That is our friend Omar whom I mentioned just two days ago in our blog. I met Omar's mom, Sarah, when we were both just a few weeks from popping. Omar came into this world just 8 days before Radar and if I remember, he weighed in at a bit under 8 lbs. Well, he celebrated his 3 month birthday over the weekend and in these three short months he has packed on an impressive 10 lbs. Yep.. Omar weighs 18 lbs at 3 months!

Anyway, we're going to have a playdate sometime this week and I'll get some new side by sides... that, I'm sure, will be something to behold.

And to answer my Prima Sara's question from yesterday's post comments about Radar's care when I return to work... the answer is... um... I think I have a nanny. A nanny who will be in the house with Radar every day while I'm at work. Everybody meet Maria!

Now, the reason I say "think" is because I began the process of applying for Maria's work permit (she is from Peru) in late October of last year. As of today, we still do not have a final reply from Immigration. I have been told that it is in the last "phase" but mostly I'm looking into a black hole when it comes to Immigration here. I have even written to the Director (which has gotten me as far as I can throw my car (btw, I can't throw my car)). So I return to work next Monday and I don't yet know if I'll have a nanny.

To buy some time, I have some very temporary plan B's in place. Mum-mum (my mom) will be here all of next week. Isabella's mommy also said she could step in for a week. If anyone else is interested in an all expense paid week in the Bahamas, let me know... and as we play it by ear, we'll keep all our fingers and toes crossed.

Finally, the "I finally did it" in this post's title refers to something I did last night. Instead of outright telling you, I'll let you guess with a little game of charades!


Any guesses? It's a pretty easy one and many of you already know since we've been in touch since yesterday. I did it because I was tired of being harrassed by everyone else who's already done it and I was told that I should join the 21st century... and so I finally have!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Jenna said...

Your nanny looks so sweet, Ill be sending happy thoughts for he visa to coem through quickly. I have no guesses, I hope someone leaves comments so I know:)

Anonymous said...

I saw Maria taking over from Christena a crying Radar...and he was immediately calm and happy...hmmmmm.....
Maria would be great...also Welcome to Facebook!!!!
Uncle Stefan
PS: Science Pundit: Are you also on facebook now, since I can not see your comment here right now? ;)

The Science Pundit said...

No grasshopper, I'm not on facebook.

I miss little Darwin already!!!

Dardo said...

I know the feeling Javier. I miss him too.

Titi, you should install Skype on your home computer so we can harass you for video chat at home when Radar is within range of your laptop's camera.

TaraMac said...


I did a search for you on FB and didn't get any results!?!?!?

Marco said...

I would like to thank Uncle Stefan for his anonymous tip, that we were talking about Facebook, because I didn't get it even as both Frank & myself were notified yesterday that Titi joined Facebook. Maria looks wonderful, I hope immigration comes though for you.

Charise said...

My house cleaning lady is also from Peru, they are wonderful people. You may want to look into getting a Bahamain nanny for the baby, there are very good ones there... :-)

Dardo said...

Charise, I asked Titi why she wasn't getting a Bahamian nanny with the abundance of Bahamians in the Bahamas, and she told me she wanted Radar to hear Spanish spoken in his formative years.