Monday, March 2, 2009

Lunch with the Clintons and guess who's back!!

Now that we've quit the whole traveling gig for a bit, we'll just have to ask the adventures to travel to us. And so it is that today we had a delightful lunch with our friends from Chicago, Doug and Betty Clinton. Doug was one of the very first people I met in Nassau. I had just moved here and was at the airport waiting for my Dad and Miguel to arrive for a visit. Doug & Betty were spending their annual 2 week Nassau visit at their time share and Doug had gone to the airport to pick up some friends that were coming in. Both flights were delayed and so it was that Doug and I spent a couple of hours chatting. I didn't even have a business card back then, so I gave him the card of my colleague with my name scratched on the back. Like so many people you meet, we parted saying we would see each other again. Then life went on and Doug Clinton slipped into the recesses of my mind.

Fast forward one year... I was in my office and my colleague Chevette popped her head in and said there were some people at the door to see me. "Crap!" I thought maybe I had scheduled a meeting with someone... maybe a bank... and I had totally forgotten about the meeting and was now totally unprepared! But when I got to the front of the office, there was the familiar face of the friend I'd made a year before. It was then that I had the pleasure of meeting Betty and since then I have met many other family and friends when we get together every year.

This year I really wanted to surprise the Clintons. My plan had been to ring them up when they were in Nassau and suggest we go out to lunch and that "I'd like to bring someone... the new special guy in my life." It would have been funny... but instead, they popped into the office while Radar and I were away and their jaws dropped to the floor when Chevette casually mentioned that I was on maternity leave! So at least they were surprised and today they got to meet my new special guy! For this special outing, Radar got decked out in his new fancy outfit and matching blanket from Argentina (thank you Ileana) and his cool new shoes. The Clintons loved Radar and gave him a lovely sterling cross that he'll wear to this baptism next month.

But hey, I'm not stupid... I know that you guys don't care about that and that you are all burning with that all important question... "Where's the pug?"

So please relax because our friend is back and it might just be my imagination, but I thought the pug actually seemed happy to see the alien! Perhaps time and distance make the heart grow fonder? Or maybe Fanny has something up her sleeve and maybe that's what the pug wink is all about!

Welcome home pug! We love you and are so happy to have you back.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar and once again... Fantango the pug

PS - no explanation needed


The Science Pundit said...

Cute overload!!!!!!!!

Lizzie said...

Try treacle, if you can get it, quite similar but not quite as 'Golden', sorry bad joke! Also Radar is so cute in the bath, you forget how small they are, and those noises, for a moment I wanted another baby! I would end up with triplets, can you imagine?

Anonymous said...

Where is my bath????
PS: Does not need a psychology degree to read my expression on the photo.... Also heard that an alien-nanny is coming into the house soon....WTF.....hopefully she knows about pug-food.....

Anonymous said...

Do we see a pattern here??? ....Isn't the Scient Pundit the first to comment on any Radar blog?
Is that a must in his lease agreement?
When are you coming down for some cycling?
Uncle Stefan

Tia Sara said...

When I read 'Lunch with the Clintons', I thought, Wow!, Radar and Titi have a lot of pull in the Democraric party! OK, wrong Clintons....
Aren't you guys lucky you left just before the storm hit almost every one of your adventure stops.
Love you both. Love the bath movie.
Tia Sara