Monday, March 30, 2009

A quick post offering up a kiss

I imagine that anyone logging onto my blog yesterday noticed some changes to the theme and background. Well, I don't know what you thought, but the feedback was NOT all positive. There was one party, who's identity I will not reveal, who registered a very serious complaint. As a result I have made one small change and the first person to point out the change from yesterday wins a very special kiss from a very special someone! A kiss from who you ask? Only tomorrow will reveal that secret!

Good luck!

On another note, Angela and Radar had a great time today... today's events included Angela getting one of Radar's very special golden showers! Oh how little boys love to do that!!! On the upside, by peeing all over Angela and himself, Radar got to wear more than one fancy outfit today (Angela was too busy to change and her shirt was yellow anyway)!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

You had to go and have a "what's different from yesterday" contest on the day I got back and was finally able to check in on the blog. EVIL!!!

I do want baby kises though.

The Science Pundit said...

That of course, should be spelled "kisses" :-(

Tia Sara said...

Are the paw-prints new? I remember seeing the hand and foot prints and wondering whether they were actually Radar's. I love the barrel o'monkeys!
By the way, earlier today, from home I was the 9000th hit. (OK, I was actually 8998 and I exited and came back in).I will send you the print screen by email tomorrow.
Tia Sara