Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rescued at 9pm!

**Addendum** - To answer Tia Sara's question about the numbers not adding up in the poll... you can vote for more than one picture, but the "votes" tallied below only show the number of people voting. So every time someone votes for more than one picture, the % numbers get more messed up. Sorry for the confusion, but feel free to vote for more than one and really get under the skin of any math freaks out there! **

Tonight's post was going to be really lame because I'm feeling crummy (I made it through the whole 12 day trip without getting the nasty little bugs that we encountered along the way, only to get sick my first day back!) But just as I got ready to post, an e-mail popped into my inbox and rescued the night! It was from Dominique with some samples of the professional shots that we had done in Florida a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some of the pictures I like best... I've included 5 and I want to get at least some of them framed as 8 x 10's... then I'll get some other sizes, but maybe you guys can at least help with the big ones. I've included a poll over on the sidebar to rate your favorite of the following pictures to help me decide on which ones I should order.

Thanks for your votes or other comments!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Jenna said...

I voted for #4 but also love #1, he look slike a newborn in the first pic! I love photos, What a beautiful family you are

Channel Swimmer said...

I love #1 and 4! Radar is a very handsome alien indeed.

Lizzie said...

I love #1 and #5, you both look so happy in #5! All the photo's are wonderful.

The Science Pundit said...

Numero cinco!

Tia Sara said...

I voted for 4 (number one was also a strong contender)but am very confused with the percentages and statistics. I can see 10 votes but it says 6 have voted...and the percentages add up to way more than 100. Is this because people cheated and voted more than once?
Tia Sara

Abuela said...

#1 for bankie shoot-looking straight on. #4 for biggest frame, but #5 deserves a few as well. #3 for baptism invitations and mementos. Tia Sara-some voters don't leave a note. It is beyond the pale to think anyone would cheat on this blog!!!

Marco said...

I'm like #5 just for the pure joy, although #4 is the more artsy. And I feel as thought #2 is under appriciated. I like to see that Radar twirls his foot around when he lies around naked. I think a faux bear skin rug would be a nice for future nudes, and definate foot kicking and twirling.

Tia Sara said...

This contest has inspired me to yet another song parody.
Since Titi is a John Denver fan, she should enjoy this
and perhaps create more verses (and sing them to Radar).
Sung to the tune of 'Sunshine on my Shoulder':

Radar, on my shoulder - makes me happy
Radar, with his mommy - makes me sight
Radar, on his blanket - looks so lovely
Radar, almost always makes me high

The Science Pundit said...

Regarding the addendum, if I had realized that I could vote for more than one, I would have voted for #'s 4 & 5 instead of just # 5. However, it looks like # 4 didn't really need my help--besides, I like # 5 better, so it's good that it's a closer race.

Lori said...

Love, love, LOVE #5!

Angela De Pazos said...

all the photos are beautiful.. # 1 he is relax,,, # 3 perfect, for Invitations, and Baptism.. and for the BiG FRAME # 5, my favority... hope you BE OK now.